ND Pride 2022

June 16-18 2022 will be the 6th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day Celebrations. the days of pride to celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness, and how each of us add beauty to an otherwise neurotypical society. It’s a day organized by & for neurodivergents, and their allies. 

The program for ND Pride 2022:

VR Event

17 & 18 June: There is going to be another wild VR event hosted in the “Pride universe of the Neurodiverse“. In collaboration with “TNN” movement, a 2 day event with speakers is offered with free tickets for all.  

Local Activities in participating nations

June 18: The list of local activities will be too long to share. Find out what you can do, or organize your own event, after checking out the 3 basic rules.


18 June: Young talented artist get the opportunity to show their work to the world in a innovative setting. This year, the autistic artists from the A-Talent, show their work in the Art Expo in the Arts&Poets Room.

Stride Sports Activities

16-18 June: Stride is the first collective neurodivergent sports event, where we will be going the distance together. The first Strides were traversed on ND Pride 2022 to test the app. Join in, download the app and do your own stride in the week of June 16th.

Support & Cocelebrations

June 18: There are many ways to support the celebrations. Share a ‘happy neurodiversity pride day’ message on your social media channels, to pass on the positivity to others. In 2022 we reached 2.6 millions individuals with these messages.


16-18 June: There are many speeches and lectures. The many talks and workshops we have hosted, is given a fixed place to rewatch them all year round. Watch them in the NeuroEmergence presentation room or in the Talks Room in VR. 

NeuroEmergence Online Summit

16, 17 & 18 June: A free 3 day conference called “NeuroEmergence Online Summit” with 30 experts and neurodivergents sharing knowlegde and personal experiences in a online gathering.  

Coming Out as Neurodivergent

16, 17 or 18 June: To show yourself as Neurodivergent to the world, is takes bravery. It may take courage. But perhaps, this is your day, to release yourselfs of the mask, and accept your authentic nature.

You Time

16,17 or 18 June: ND Pride, is more about YOU, than about anybody else. If there is anything you choose to do today, we’d recommend a moment to reflect, for each of us neurodivergents. To remember what we bring to the world. To smile, knowing it’s a lot.

Neurodiversity Networks meetups

June 16-18 are the best days in the year to launch, or meetup with your neurodiversity network. This is a group of ND peers in your own organization.

Neurodiversity Keynote of the Year

June 16: Every Year we ask a daring pioneer to do a Keynote about Neurodiversity. In 2022, we are very grateful for Lyric Holmans, aka Neurodivergent Rebel, to be the Keynote speaker of 2022.


The implementation of some activities is dependent upon funding for it. While we have funded allmost all costs, providing all participants free tickets, we can confirm activities only when they are financially possible. Donations are accepted by the Neurodiversity Foundation (based in NL).

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Stride
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Metaverse


The ND Pride Day was founded by neurodivergents, created for ALL Neurodivergents to celebrate themselves and all other NDs in their world.

The Neurodiversity Foundation is the hub for organizers worldwide, as the initial founders, but multiple organizations organize internationally.     

Pride Stands Together.

In ND Pride we have created a day for ALL neurodivergents, like Dyslectics, Adhdoers, Tourettians and so many more. ND Pride is for all of us, its our day.

We are inspired by others, but we are not directly connected to other pride movements like LGTBQIA+pride, Mad Pride or Autistic Pride. We stand with them, we support them, but we are different initiatives, with our own ways.


All are welcome to join ND Pride celebrations, NT allies included. And, if you abide by ‘The 3 rules”, each Neurodivergent can also create their own activity.

We also welcome partners, most are non-profit community partners, but we also allow for corporate partners that have ability to create jobs and roles for neurodivergents.


ND Pride 2022 Keynote by Lyric Holmans


Celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day!

Celebrate Neurodivergent uniqueness!

The Neurodiversity Pride Day is the international day of Pride for Neurodivergent individuals. The 6th edition will be organized at June 16th 2023.

During Neurodiversity Pride Day, the first 5 editions on June 18th, and starting in 2023 at June 16th, we celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness and the value of neurodiversity in society; a day to appreciate all who are neurologically distinct. Celebrated worldwide, its a day created by and for neurodivergents, and those who love us.


About Neurodiversity Pride Day celebrations 2022

Main Activities – Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022

The Pride Universe for the Neurodiverse is open for all neurodivergents & allies to celebrate neurodiversity. The universe will reopen the 17 & 18th of June 2022 with the Metaverse Event, one of the activities of the Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Program. Next to many activities organized locally, there will also be a 3 day Online Summit, called NeuroEmergence, the You Room opens again, a new ND Art Expo opens up, and there will be a big sports event to celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day, called “Stride“. Join and celebrate neurodivergent pride, in any way that suits your unique self!


About Neurodiversity Pride Day

Celebrate Your Own Way, On Neurodiversity Pride Day. 18/6/2022

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the global celebration of the value of people with different types of minds. Its organized since 2018, every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. And also to have a day to celebrate your own unique traits, and how it benefits the world. We all have something unique and awesome to contribute, and on this day we invite all to show what they are proud of! 

On Neurodiversity Pride Day, we as neurodivergents take a moment to reflect on what we are proud for in our own life, the love we bring to our families and friends, the value we add to teams and the everyday courage it takes to be yourself. 

A day to turn the page of a difficult past or present, and rejoice in the fact, that there is only one person like yourself. And that this uniqueness, is something to be proud of. You, be you, and this day invites all to celebrate your own way, and though many activities organized, you can to do that, in your own way.

For organisations

Celebrate your neurodivergent teammembers

Most organizations accomodating a neurodiverse workforce, become market leaders; 35% of CEOs are dyslectic or ADHD, and Autistics found often to be the key to true innovation. If your organization is supported too by the power of neurodiversity, we invite you to celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day, and spread some warmth to neurodivergents working in your teams.

“One of us. Gobble Gobble. We accept you. One of us.”

Read more about how your organization can join Neurodiversity Pride Day

Neurodiversity Network

Organize a luncheon for neurodivergent teammembers

Set the bar

Amplify the message of inclusion and diversity through social media


Show up

Publish a public or internal message from the leadership team

Start fixing

Evaluate your screening, evaluation and hiring processes.

For Neurodivergents

Celebrate yourself

This day is created by neurodivergents, to celebrate self-acceptance of ourselves, and appreciation towards our kind; those who are neurologically unlike most others. For one day, we shift our focus to how we make society more beautiful and vital, in spite of any of the struggles we face daily. For one day, we pride ourselves with having the courage to keep being ourselves, regardless of the negative stereotypes and efforts to minimize our uniqueness.

You, be you.


Spend time in the Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse

Pride Anthem

Listen to the Pride Day Anthem or take a moment to reflect on your everyday bravery.


Join in

Join workshops, talks and the keynote of the program

treat yourself

Do whatever you like. Solo or together, its all good.

For All

Celebrate those who are most unlike yourself

Dyslexia existed before books were written, ADHD and Autistic genes were active 10.000 years ago, but in current society we are a minority that fights hard to be accepted as we are naturally. Every person in this world, knows neurodivergents, in their friends, teams, family, and most love at least one of them. On this day, neurodivergents stand in defiance of those societal forces wanting us gone. Stand with us.

Be Kind.

Tell your Fave ND

Send a message of love and acceptance

Join in or hang out

Join activities or spend time with your favorite neurodivergent.

Choose kindness

Go for kindness. This is what neurodivergents need in todays culture.

Start understanding more

Learn from activities and talks shared in the last 4 editions, or join the 2022 activities.

For organizers

Yes. We have guidelines. 

There are the Three Rules for organizers. Activities that do not adhere to these three rules, are not part of Neurodiversity Pride Day.


Be Kind.

Nothing about us without us

In each activity, a neurodivergent needs to have a role.

No racism or discrimination of any kind allowed.

 A world that is better for all, is a world where any person has the ability to thrive, regardless of which skincolor, culture or neurotype they are born into. Therefore, we stand with all minorities reclaiming their pride.

No sad stories

On this day; you can do that on every other day, June 18th is created to celebrate the reasons giving us our pride.

    Examples of activities of Neurodiversity Pride Day are:

    • The bi-annually Neuro Inclusive Politician Award, for the politician supporting neurodivergents in the political arena.
    • Workshops and webinars about neurodiversity friendly ways of education
    • The Neurodiversity Keynote of the year, presented by a daring pioneer
    • Interviews with Neurodivergents and respected experts in the field
    • Lunches, sharingcircles and appreciation meetups in companies and organisations
    • Statements of inclusion from municipal mayors and aldermen (m/x/f)
    • Small celebrations organized locally
    • A joyous call for the discontinuance of discriminatory practices and outdated policies
    • Neurodivergents sending messages of support to another
    • A visit to the You Room of the Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse
    • Organizations supporting Pride in their social media channels
    • And so much more….




    We are grateful for many sponsors and contributors, these include:

    • All volunteers and sympathizers of the Neurodiversity Foundation and its networks, sharing their input for free.
    • All volunteers and sympathizers of the Neurodiversity Education Academy and its network.
    • Ozone Universe – Via their generous gift of crucial Virtual Reality Meetup software needed for the Virtual Event.
    • 2Tango social impact organisation – Via their ongoing technological support.
    • Cor Wit Fund – Via their longstanding support for our foundational mission.
    • Gather – Via their gift of free services for the Pride Week.
    • Loops – Via their gift of free materials for Pride Week.
    • Stichting A-Talent – With their support on the Stride project.
    • Harborn – Via their support with building the Stride App.
    • Boomerang agency – Via their partnership in organizing the Virtual Event.
    • Via agency- With their support in organizing the Virtual Event.
    • VSB Fund – Via their backing in the Call for Inclusion.

    We are still enthusiastically tracking down all parties that may wish to support our Pride Day, and join in! If you have any tips for us, or if you yourself want to support us with a donation in money, materials or with services, please send us an email to pride@neurodiversiteit.nl, or send us a message in the contact form.


    Information about Neurodiversity Pride Day

    Neurodiversity Pride Day started organizing in the Netherlands in 2018, stemming from the neurodivergent-led Neurodiversity Foundation, but has quickly been adopted by partners in the USA, the UK, The Philippines, Australia and Indonesia. Its origin was inspired by Autistic Pride events, and other activities celebrating humans with a neurological distinctiveness. Neurodiversity Pride Day however, sets out to include all neurotypes in celebration, and focusses on the benefits of a neurodiverse future that embraces all. We hope to make this day a global day of Pride and appreciation, and invite cooperation with all that have a similar wish for an inclusive world where no masks are needed, and humans are celebrated for their uniqueness.

     Join us

    Join us in celebrating neurodivergent uniqueness and a world that equally embraces all neurotypes. Exhibition? March? Workshop? Lecture? Meetup? Slowdating? Movie? Silent Walk? Sending Cards? What would you like to do to celebrate neurodiversity?

    We aim to make this day of celebration a global one, if you are organizing events too, this year or the next, send us a email.



    Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Stride

    On the 18th of June 2022, the First Stride will commence, with more than 100 participants biking to create awareness on Neurodiversity Pride Day. The participants are persons with a neurodivergent mind, like autistics or dyslects or people with ADHD, and their allies and friends. The biggest group, in collab with the A-talent Foundation in 2022 will bike 50 of 100 kilometers and visit neurodivergent-friendly organisations during their journey. A second Pride group gathered via the Pride&Sports organization, are starting in Amsterdam to support Neurodivergent members of the LGTBQIA+ community celebrating their pride. Each persons ‘Stride’, their personal effort, will be added to the total, which we will record with the Stride App. At Neurodiversity Pride Day, we tested with ‘the first’ tester, and the test was succesfull. We will aim in 2022 to achieve a collective achievement of a roundtrip round the moon: 10.921 kilometers.

    • You download the Stride app from the Play Store or Ios App Store.
    • After signing in, you can select with which activity you are ‘moving forward’ in your ‘stride’ journey.
    • Then you can tap on the ‘start’ button, when you start your Stride.
    • In the app you will see the total result as well, of all neurodivergents joining in today. Because in our Neurodivergent Stride, we go the distance together
    Stride App

    Neuroemergence online summit

    Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Stride

    From the 16th till the 18th, we have a online summit with 30+ speakers, neurodivergents and experts. The tickets are free to all, 300 participants have registered for the sessions. The online summit was a resounding success, and will therefore return in 2023. 


      Neuroemergence Event Poster Neurodiversity Pride Day

      Neurodiversity network

      Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Stride
        In organisations, neurodivergents are coming together. To find each other. To listen to each other. To make friends. To create a support system. Some networks are celebrated by leadership, some happen under the radar. NDF will advise all who call upon for help with these steps, anymous as well, but have not control over the networks themselves after they started.
        Starting in 2023, NDF will work together with “Neurodiversity in Business”, and setup a local branche to further support neurodivergent workers to find other like & unlike them. 


      Virtual Reality Event

      Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Stride

      From the 17th till the 18th, we have a virtual reality event in the Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse. Each day has speakers and a program for all visitors. The VR world, we crafted ourselves with support of Ozone, is available for VR goggles, as well as use with regular desktop. Mobile use is also possible, but not recommended. 


      In this project, we cooperated in “TNN”, “The neurodivergent Now”, with Boomerang for Good and with VIA Nederland, as well as with our tech sponsor: Ozone Metaverse. 


        VR talk for Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 by Neurodivergent Lou 

        ND Art EXPO

        Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Stride

        On the 18th of June, we are publishing the second Showcase for Neurodivergent Young artistic Talent. Last year, we displayed the 10 best poets and artist from the Netherlands. This year, the poets have given their exhibition space to the young autistic talent from the A-Talent organization.