Yes. We will gratefully accept your financial support. use the donation form below, use a direct banktransfer or Scan the qr code to donate. 

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You can also donate to the foundation, by sending your donation via a direct banktransfer.

Details: Name: “Stichting Neurodiversiteit“. Bankaccount NL41INGB0008401131, For international bank transfers is the Bic Code INGBNL2A.

If you have a wish to support a specific project or focus, like Pride day, Political lobby, Acceptance tools, Awareness Campaign, or just the team of the organization, please let us know in the description. If you have any questions, send us a message, and we’ll facilitate. 


Donation via QR Code


Another way to donate is to scan the qr code: this works for some banks, but not all. 

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Use the donation form for NEA.

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Thank you for supporting our dream.

Thank you for support our plan.  

Thank you for supporting our implemention.

Non-Financial Donations

Send us a message if you want to gift us something that can’t be transfered via bank accounts.