ND Pride 2021

Neurodiversity Pride Day – 2021 

June 18 2021 will be the 4th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day, the day of pride to celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness. A day to rejoice in and how each of us add beauty to an otherwise neurotypical society. It’s a day organized by & for neurodivergents, and their allies. Other often used names for the Neurodiversity Pride day are: ND Pride Day and Neurodivergent Pride Day.  

The program for ND Pride 2021:

Neurodiversity Networks meetups

07:00 Neurodiversity Networks in organizations. ND Pride Day UK, NL & USA

June 18 is the best day in the year to launch, or meetup with your neurodiversity network. This is a group of ND peers in your own organization.


8:00 – Workshop
ND Pride Day Phillippines 2021:
Workshop by the NE Academy in Phillippines. In the Education Room: Introduction in Neurodiversity.


9:00 – Workshop
ND Pride Day Australia 2021:
Workshop by Siobhan Lamb about Executive Functioning, in the Education Room. 

Neuroinclusive politician award

10:00 – 10:20 Neuroinclusive Politician Award 2021-2023
ND Pride Day NL:
Who will win: Peter, Lisa, Sylvana, Lilianne, Rugter or Rudmer? A winner is selected for the award by a secret neurodivergent jury. 


10:30 – Workshop
ND Pride Day Indonesia 2021 :
Workshop by the NE Academy for Philippines educators by Lana Jelenjev. Also in the Education room: workshop executive functioning

Lunch Talk

12:00 – Lunchtalk: Over anders kijken en anders doén
ND Pride Day NL 2021:
Lunch Talk met Suzanne Agterberg en Saskia Wenniger.


13:00 – Growth Through Adversity talks
ND Pride Day 2021:
We will invite national and international experts for a conversation about the current state of neurodiverse individuals. The talks will be shared, after Neurodiversity Pride Day, by the NE Academy.

Coming Out as Neurodivergent

14:30 – Neurodivergent coming out
Neurodiversity Pride Day UK 2021:
In the UK, Helen Davies organizes the “Coming out as Neurodiverse at Work: Advocating for Support in the Workplace” workshop.

ND Poets Expo

15:00 – Neurodivergents Poets showcase
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021:
We will share 10 poems by dutch neurodivergent poets in the Arts Room.

ND Artist Expo

16:00 – Neurodivergent Artists showcase
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021 :
We want to share 10 pieces of art, made by dutch neurodivergent artists in the Arts Room. 

Neurodiversity Keynote of the Year

17:00 – Neurodiversiteitsrede

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 :

Every Year we ask a daring pioneer to speak about Neurodiversity.

We will hold the annual speech of the year, delivered by a pioneer in their field, and broadcast it live. 

See all previous editions in the Keynote Room.

Club House

18:00 – Clubhouse talks
ND Pride Day 2021:
On clubhouse, host Marvin  invites you for ‘a sense of belonging’ – talks & listens on neurodiversity & diversity.

Neurodiversity Pride Anthem

19:00 – ND Pride Anthem
ND Pride Day 2021 
A special new rendition of our themesong is composed by Studiognomes in the Netherlands. You can listen to the song in the You Room. 

ND Pride Rave

20:00 – 23:00 Neurodiversity Pride Dance Party
ND Pride Day 2021 :
From Amstelveen to the world: Dutch DJs will perform a disco online, for people wanting to dance in celebration join in the Party Room in the Pride Universe, to dance.

Game Release

21:00 – Release of the Neurodiverse Traits Game – virtual reality edition
ND Day 2021 :
This kwartet game (‘go fish’), has 4 positive traits for 9 neurotypes in the game to play. Its designed and crafted by Marieke, and supported by Stijn Schenk, and the foundation. 

Brainy App

22:00 – Dutch Brainy App live
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021.
The Brainy App is a brain strengths journaliing app, and since pride 2021 also available in dutch 

Art installation

23:45 – Synaesthesia Room
ND Pride Day UK 2021:
Due to Covid, the art installation is unable to come to Rotterdam. In the Pride Universe will a special introduction be shared of this immersive artwork by Valeria Perboni in the Party Room.

VR Event

All day long – You

International ND Pride Day 2021:
For neurodivergents: Remember today, what you are proud for. And if you are neurotypical: share with a neurodivergent friend or loved-one what makes them awesome to you.

ND Content

All day – Content Countdown
ND Pride Day NL 2021:
Our friends at ADHD Cafe, are counting down the month in content posts. Countdown resets, at 23:59 for Pride Day 2022!


Your Own

All Day – Add your
own activity
International ND Pride Day 2021.
If you want to organize an activity to celebrate the 2021 or 2022 day by yourself, with your organization, or group of friends, do so! If you are ND, you don’t have to ask: celebrate your own way. 

ND Pridefee

All Day – Pridefee for Insta
ND Pride Day 2021 :
share your own #weareallnuts picture. Be creative! Upload it to the socials with the hashtag. For extra glam: You may also use the two 100m2 billboards in Schiphol Airport & Amsterdam Leidseplein, as a visual backdrop.


ND Pride frame

All Day – Pride Frame
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021:
We will release a Neurodiversity Pride Frame for social media. Its a easy, fun way, to show others your inclusion or allyship. 



The implementation of some activities is dependent upon funding for it. While we have funded allmost all costs, providing all participants free tickets, we can confirm activities only when they are financially possible. Donations are accepted by the Neurodiversity Foundation (based in NL).


The ND Pride Day was founded by neurodivergents, created for ALL Neurodivergents to celebrate themselves and all other NDs in their world.

The Neurodiversity Foundation is the hub for organizers worldwide, as the initial founders, but multiple organizations organize internationally.     

Pride Stands Together.

In ND Pride we have created a day for ALL neurodivergents, like Dyslectics, Adhdoers, Tourettians and so many more. ND Pride is for all of us, its our day.

We are inspired by others, but we are not directly connected to other pride movements like LGTBQIA+pride, Mad Pride or Autistic Pride. We stand with them, we support them, but we are different initiatives, with our own ways.


All are welcome to join ND Pride celebrations, NT allies included. And, if you abide by ‘The 3 rules”, each Neurodivergent can also create their own activity.

We also welcome partners, most are non-profit community partners, but we also allow for corporate partners that have ability to create jobs and roles for neurodivergents.


Neurodiversity Pride Day – 2021

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the international day of pride for people with neurodivergent minds, celebrated on June 18th.

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 Activities:Join in and enjoy most of the online Neurodiversity Pride day activities in the Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse

The day is een reminder, a celebration of your own unique brain, and how it benefits the world around you. Autistic, Dyslectic, Neurotypical, these are just some shapes of the neurological variances we have to each other. None are errors, all contribute to our human society. In humanity, there are no mistakes, only variations. Each brain, each person, adds something uniquely beautiful to our human collective. And this idea, the idea of neurodiversity, deserves a spotlight, and a day of celebration, for its our differences, our unlikeness to each other, that ups the vitality of society. We all have something unique and awesome to contribute, and on this day neurodivergent people and their allies celebrate!

There are fun, serious and interesting activities organized in the Netherlands and worldwide, but most importantly: this is the day where you can party or honor your brainy self or your likeminded others, solo or with others, in whatever way works for you. Or as we’d say in Dutch: Vier Je Eigen Feestje!


Neurodiversity Pride Day is the global celebration of neurodivergent individuals: the added value of people with different types of minds. Its organized every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. On Neurodiversity Pride Day, you are invited to celebrate you being you, in all your unique ways. Well done, you!

What to do on Neurodiversity pride day? A preplanned guide for the day.

On June 18th, do whatever you like to do, to celebrate yourself, or neurodivergents around you. Its your day, and it is for and about you. To support planning the day with so many activities, we did put together a example program to consider, with ongoing activities and live activities:

  • At 0800, show you celebrate the day, by adding a social media frame. There are also workshops starting in Indonesia for teachers.

  • At 0900, make a pride fee. You don’t have to share it with anyone, but you are welcome to do so: #pridefee.

  • At 1000, watch the winner of the neuro-inclusive politician award, in the Award Room (LIVE at 1000 CET).

  • At 1030, there are workshops in the Phillippines, for teachers creating a neurodiverse friendly school

  • At 1100, visit the Video Room, and watch female autistics that are powerfully different.

  • At 1200, join in the Lunchtalk, with educator Saskia & ambassador Suzanne

  • At 1300, watch the live & prerecorded talks in the Talks Room

  • Around 1430 see the ‘neurodivergent coming out’ sessions about employment and neurodivergence with Helen Davies from Neurodiversity Pride Day UK

  • At 1500, check out dutch neurodivergents poets in the Arts & Poets Room, all poems are in the dutch language.

  • At 1600, witness some great artworks by neurodivergent dutch artist in the Arts & Poets Room.

  • At 1700, will start the keynote speech of 2021, the ‘neurodiversiteitsrede’, expressed this year by the originator of the term, and a beloved elder of the movement, Judy Singer (LIVE at 1700 CET)

  • At 1800, listen or join in clubhouse meetup about intersectional experiences in neurodiversity.

  • At 1830, visit the Friends Room, and …. talk to a new person, in the virtual world you choose wether to put you camera & mic on or off.

  • At 1900, go to the You Room, and listen to the Neurodiversity Pride Antem, made for this day.

  • At 2000, join the worldwide celebration in the Party Room, where dutch DJs will perform their music for everyone that wants to dance (LIVE at 2000 CET)

  • At 2100, have a look at the virtual edition of the neurodiverse traits game in the Talents Room

  • At 2200, download the Brainy App, in english or the new pride day release in the dutch language. Then quickly return to the Party Room to dance a little bit more.

Something…… else?

There are more activities joinin into the program, they will be added on this pride page. We have ability to host 3000 humans in our virtual world at max capacity.

If you want to organise somethign with others, please consider the three guidelines for organizers: 1) Be inclusive to all, 2) skip sad stories for this one day & 3) nothing about us without us. All activities are free, all access is free, all support in time or cash is gifted by supporters, and this is how we want to do it, this is the way. We do also need sponsors or supporters for our costs.


If you want to donate to the Neurodiversity Foundation leading the efforts of the day, or to the technical team, please do so: NL41INGB0008401131 is the dutch banking account of “stichting Neurodiversiteit”, and label your donation ‘pride’. Thank you, for inspiring us to make this day a global event with your support. You can also make a donation through our donation page


Information about Neurodiversity Pride Day

Neurodiversity Pride Day started organizing in the Netherlands in 2018, stemming from the neurodivergent-led Neurodiversity Foundation, but has quickly been adopted by partners in the USA, the UK, The Philippines, Australia and Indonesia. Its origin was inspired by Autistic Pride events, and other activities celebrating humans with a neurological distinctiveness. Neurodiversity Pride Day however, sets out to include all neurotypes in celebration, and focusses on the benefits of a neurodiverse future that embraces all. We hope to make this day a global day of Pride and appreciation, and invite cooperation with all that have a similar wish for an inclusive world where no masks are needed, and humans are celebrated for their uniqueness.

We are still enthusiastically tracking down all parties that may wish to support our Pride Day, and join in! If you have any tips for us, or if you yourself want to support us with a donation in money, materials or with services, please send us an email to pride@neurodiversiteit.nl, or send us a message in the contact form.


Pictures & Artwork

sponsors & contributors

We are grateful to be able to host and support so many things of beauty, and many volunteers, content creators, and crafters have been lending us their works for our united celebration.

We are grateful for many sponsors and contributors, for the 2022 edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day, these include:

  • 2Tango social impact organisation – Via their ongoing technological support.
  • Cor Wit Fund – Via their longstanding support for our foundational mission.
  • Gather – Via their gift of free services for the Pride Week.
  • Loops – Via their gift of free materials for Pride Week.
  • Stichting A-Talent – With their support on the Stride project.
  • Harborn – Via their support with building the Stride App.
  • Boomerang agency – Via their partnership in organizing the Virtual Event.
  • Via agency- With their support in organizing the Virtual Event.
  • VSB Fund – Via their backing in the Call for Inclusion.

 For the 2021 edition, these are the sponsors. 

Technology Partner:

 Ozone Universe: The Ozone universe, lead by Jay Ess, is the key technological sponsor of Neurodiversity Pride Day, creating our digital world, the ‘Pride Universe’ to serve the cause of neurodivent pride. Its a large gift, and we are very grateful to work with his organization to build a home for all, of our kinds. To see this: visit the universe, and watch his speech on virtual worlds in the Education Room.

 Christel Teurling: Working for Ozone, Christel is supporting Pride with her Dutch tech savvyness in preparation, and hosting on the day itself. She is in the EU the key person to talk to about virtual worlds, and how to set them up. To see her: Christel will be in the Pride Universe, to host & guide on June 18th.

 2Tango: Grateful for the contribution of the social impact company to Pride.

 OneStream.Live: Grateful for the free use of their products during Pride Month.



Content creators & contributors


Nathan Mcconnel: Grateful for the work on the Most Wanted lists, that will adorn the Party Room of the Pride Universe. To see this: visit the Party Room.

 Autistic Feminine: Grateful for the Golden Moment 3d model this person created.

 Saskia Wenniger & Lana Jelenjev, Co-founders of the Neurodiversity Education Academy (NE Academy), have been key in educational projects, like webinars for teachers and students. For Pride, they interview fascinating individuals for the Growth Through Adversity series. To see this: visit the Talks Room.

Suzanne Agterberg: Grateful for her offer of an inspirational workshop on Pride. To see this: visit the Education Room. 

Mark van Treuren: Grateful, for his support in setting up the gigantic billboards promoting Pride. And grateful for Ocean, for drastically lowerling their pricerange for our cause. To see this visit the Leidseplein in Amsterdam, or for our international guests: see it at Schiphol Airport.

Jury of the NIP Award: Grateful for your work in assessing the politicians of the Netherlands, and their levels of neuroinclusivity in politics. To see this: visit the Award Room.

Jopie Lok: Grateful for her works of art, used in Pride. To see this: visit the Pride Universe.

Ineke Masselink: Grateful for her works on the Countdown. To see this: follow the social media channels, or visit the Pride Universe.

Roos Moesbergen: Grateful for her works in finding dutch Neurodivergent Artists and Poets, that deserve a extra spotlight. To see this: visit the Pride Universe, visit the Artists & Poets Room.

All artists & poets: Grateful for their willingness to show one of their works to the audiences in the Netherlands and worldwide. To see this: visit the Artist & Poets Room.

Lisa Westerveld, Peter Kwint, Sylvana Simons, Rutger Schonis, Lilianne Ploumen & Rudmer Heerema: Grateful, for their sparkling and inspiring example to all other politicians in the Netherlands. To see this: see whats happening in the House of representatives. And see their interviews in the Award Room

Key Note Speaker (name is still secret): Grateful, to host on of our biggest heroes, for the keynote of this Pride Day. To see this: visit the Pride Universe, the keynote will be streamed LIVE in the Keynote Room!

Mannus Boote: Grateful, still, for him accidentally stumbling upon the core slogan of the day: Vier je Eigen Feestje (celebrate your own, your own way). To see this: check out the posters of pride day. 

Diantha Voskuijl: Grateful, for her ambassadorship of the day and the foundation at large.

Kai Guiseppin: Grateful for his endless work on the Neurodiversity Pride Anthem with the Studiognomes, as well as to his musical team for creating ‘our’ hopeful tune. To see this: visit the You Room.

Marije & Stijn Schenk: Grateful for Marijes work creating the Neurodiverse Traits Game, and grateful for Stijn to support that work.

DJ Supergroover & DJ Krishan: Grateful for their performance in the Neurodiversity Pride Rave. To see this: visit the Party Room.

Autivisme: Grateful for the advocacy work and the meme-gathering and creating the Autistiven network.

Valeria Perboni: Grateful for the Synaesthesia Room, an artwork adressing acceptance, mental health and neurodiversity, through the language of art. It is to be premiered in the Netherlands for a lucky few to celebrate Pride Day.

Helen Davies: Grateful for the workshops she is organizing in the UK to celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day

Ineke Masselink: Gratefor for her Pride Advent countdown posts published in the 30 days before Pride Day.

Ayoa: Grateful for Ayao organizing a workshop in the education room.


Sourced content – fair use:


In the universe we have also shared content crafted by others, displayed under Fair Use regulations. All works remain owned by the original owners, and where possible, we supported their monetization or traffic towards their initiatives.

The shared contents are sourced by our own media, volunteers, community-driven nominations, advocacy organisation sharing, copyright-free and cc-limited models, transcripts, freely available press photos, and publicly published videos of informational workshop or awareness events.

These include content created by, or containing: Agony Autie, Neurodivergent Rebel, Kayla Smits, Amy, Kirsty Forbes, Amythest Schaber, Yo Samdy Sam, Vet Gezellig, Kristín Vilhjálmsdóttir, Ed Wiley Autism Lending Centre, the Tone it down Taupe initiative, Reframing Autsim, LRCS, AutisticTyping, Oolong, Melanie Ouimet, Aucademy, We are Spinks, Asan, Autism CRC, Exceptional Individuals, and Tedtalks.

These also include nominated and mentioned artists and poets, like: Leonie Ruissen, Marije Zantinga, Julian Harmens, Vincent Oostrijck, Gershwin Bonevacia, Malon Bakker, Jonathan Griffioen, Anjo de Haan, Toon Lagas, Myrthe van Ruiten, Louise Wester, Daniel Metz, Annemieke Trip, Syle, Eleonora Spagnuolo, Bas Gaaraets, Esther Koster, Ivo Ketelaar, Karhang Mui, Wim T. Schippers, NeuroElfje.


Shared content – not under fair use:

We have also included 3 audio files in the Pride Universe, and were unable to grasp how to deal with the copyrights in a virtual world, they are: a illegal recut of a Daft Punk song, a remix of a song by Nicky Romero vs Avicci with Nooni Bao, and our own adaptation or completely new edition of a song from 1968. While this content is not under fair use, we believe that, if they knew, the original creators would have wanted us to use their works in this way, for this purpose.

Financial partners

The Neurodiversity Pride Day is made possible by generous non-financial contributions of everyone listed above, and so many individuals more. In terms of financial donations, we thank:

Gemeente Amstelveen: Grateful for the gift (subsidy) to support the events.

Supporting partners


We are grateful for any friends, organisation, group or company that shares the information about Neurodiversity Pride Day to their crews. 

If your name should be on this page too

If you should be on the list, please let us know, so we can add you. We have been working hard to find all content creators and volunteers, but the Pride Universe is very vast and sourced from different paths. If we missed you, help us correct our mistake, by emailing to pride@neurodiversiteit.nl.

If you want to contribute to Neurodiversity Pride 2022 or to the Pride Universe, or use the Pride Universe to support neurodivergents

If you want to be on this list, or cooperate with us, share with us how you want to support Neurodiversity Pride Day, by sending a email to pride@neurodiversiteit.nl.