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YES. We do have a preference for Neurodivergents to apply.
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Join us – Internships 

The Neurodiversity Foundation has internships available for 16 – 32 hours a week. We determine the start date, role and duration of the internship in consultation. 

About the Neurodiversity Foundation

The Neurodiversity Foundation realizes projects to bridge the gap between people with different brains, in the belief that the best future is one in which there is room for everyone, regardless of what kind of brain you have. We are a relatively small foundation (including volunteers about 25 people) with great ambitions. Our organization consists of three mutually reinforcing branches: Innovation&Research, Pride&Awareness and Education&Community.

In terms of innovation, we are developing a new type of robot/hand gesture messenger that helps in neurodiverse communication in families; Family signs.

In terms of Organization, we annually organize the Neurodiversity Pride Day, support Brain Awareness Week with activities, and conduct an ‘acceptance, inclusion & appreciation campaign’ through social media throughout the year.

In terms of education, the foundation has established the Neurodiversity Education Academy, which provides courses and training for professionals in the field, including many teachers. The goal of the Academy is to make schools and classrooms more neurodiverse-friendly. The My Amazing Brain magazine, online webinars, and the Brainy app are also part of this.

If there is no position listed, but you still think you can make a major contribution to the projects of the foundation, or to the technological projects of the Athens Consortium, feel free to email us. In that case it is important for us to know what contribution you could make, or which project or task you could support well.

Open Sollicitation – English and/or Dutch language required

The neurodiversity Foundation offers the ability to support the cause with  your input, hours, service and love. You are welcome to contact us, and tell us what you can offer in open sollicitation or apply for any of the other positions. 

Marketing & Project Teammember

Position / Internship

All round support to support the foundation and its projects. 

Open Sollicitation

Position / Internship

Invite yourself. Have a plan. Make it count.

Academy Team member

Position / Internship

All Round support for the Neurodiversity Education Academy.

Communication Teammember

Position / Internship

To support the Neurodiversity Education Academy.


Position / Internship

To support and promote the Neurodiversity Foundation, in the way you can. 

Research contributor

Position / Internship

To support the research in the Neurodiversity Foundation.

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