Foundational Statement

15 February 2018, Amsterdam

Who we are, why we are here and how we will impact the world to make it a better place for all. 

15 February 2018, Amsterdam


Today a new organization has come into this world, the Neurodiversity Foundation, to bridge the gap between Neurodivergents and Neurotypicals. And it is an organization build on Love.


In our research for the best solutions to create equal opportunities for persons on the Spectrum, we got into contact with so many individuals wanting this world to be a fairer one for all. So many using their personal influence to create safer havens in stormy oceans.

We see that love, looking into the stories of parents of Autists and what lengths they will go to support their child.

We see that love, in corporate leaders aiming to provide neurodivergent employees with the works and the setting they can thrive in. 


We see that love, in the coaches and academics, talking, testing & typing frantically beyond any regard for working hours.

We see that love, in friends taking their neurodivergent buddies by the hand in the confusing social jungle.

We see that love, from neurodivergents, pining to connect, to cooperate, to be, with others in a  world that often doesn’t understand us. 


This is the love that founded our organization. An organization focused on creating research, prototypes, co-creation schemes, to push forward the technical innovation that drives the move towards a more equal, inclusive neurodiverse society. Like the 2Tango.Signs project, or the different non-verbal technologies to circumvent the communication problems we face daily interacting with the world. An organization to support neurodivergents, their parents, best friends, bosses and coaches with the tools we need, and pushing progress in the societal awareness we wish for.


Diversity, makes a group stronger. Neurodiversity means that differences are to be celebrated, not repressed, but optimized and that all are equally welcome to the party. Let’s make this world, a better place, one for all of us.


The “Stichting Neurodiversiteit” (Dutch for Neurodiversity Foundation) is founded on 15th of February 2018 (the day after Valentines day), with Tjerk Feitsma as founder, Omotola Bolarin as CTO, Lana Jelenjev and Eleonora Spagnuolo as board members. Autism is our initial research focus. The foundation is created to bridge the gaps, serving neurodivergents, their parents, best friends, bosses, and coaches. We are open to cooperation, co-creation, consultancy, information dissemination, innovation, educational partnerships, and advocacy to further a future that is equally welcome to all braintypes.


About research consortium: The ATHENS Initiative

The “Athens Initiative” is the name of research consortium jumpstarted by the  Netherlands-based “stichting Neurodiversiteit” (Neurodiversity Foundation), social impact organization 2Tango and Machine Learning company Coordinature. It invites programmers and builders on & beyond the Spectrum to build tools to create equality, self-determination, self-mangement and social connections for neurodivergents. The main project currently, is the Signs project, which creates a new neurodivergent friendly sign language, a self-management app, and a virtual assistant to support social survival.


How about you?

We are open to collaborators and contributors. If there is a reason, we’ll want to talk to you, let us know:  send us a message.

If you like us, like us, but if you are like us, join us, this is your invitation.