Education & Belonging

The educational projects

The Education & Belonging projects, support ND kids, students, middleschool teachers and late-diagnosed NDs to find the answers they seek, or the fellow travellers on that journey.

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Top 12 Education Projects

The Neurodiversity Foundation believes education and fostering a sense of mutual belonging are a crucial steps in society´s move forward towards neuroinclusion and neurodiverse-friendly futures. We create projects for most ages: ND Kids, ND Teens, ND Students and Late Diagnosed ND Adults.

The Neurodiversity Education Academy is one of the foundations most important projects, co-founded by Lana Jelenjev & Saskia Wenniger. Its biggest event is the 3 day NeuroEmergence Online Summit, that starts in the week of ND Pride Day, each June.

The pathways to create a society where all neurotypes thrive are not found in silos. It is within the intersections of spaces of the individual, interpersonal and the collective. It is within our relationships with ourselves and others, in our schools, our work places, and our communities.

It begins with the fundamental belief that our differences are welcome, celebrated and acknowledged as what makes our humanity great.

Lana Jelenjev | Co-Founder NEA & Chair NDF

NeuroEmergence - Community for Late diagnosed ND

The foundation got so much request from this group, we have created our own community around this group. If this is for you: Sign up to our Discord to join.

Neuroemergence Online Summit & Events

Sign up to, or follow the channels of the Neurodiversity Education Academy for information about tickets. Expected start date: June 15 2023.

Print Magazines

The My Creative Brain magazine and the My Amazing Brain magazine are available in limited supply. We can also provide a digital version of the My Amazing Brain magazine.

Brain Strength Journalling App: Brainy

We have created a dutch language, and a english language version of Brainy, an app for kids, teens, students  and adults, to keep track of your brain strengths, and create your own brain diary.  

Neurodiversity Education Academy

The umbrello above all educational projects is the “NEA”. Follow the linkedin!

Publications and materials

Our team of educators at occassion create great tools and materials. Follow us to discover them! 

Workshops & Webinars on neurodiversity

On demand, by request or by design we create and host workshops and webinars.  

Courses on neurodiversity

We have created a couple of free courses, available through the academy. Most are focussed on teachers and parents. 

ND Kids club

In 2023 we will launch the Neurodivergent Kids Club. Let’s have some fun!  To join, sign into our discord. 


Video series

We create videoseries, like the “Krachtig Anders” interview series, about female autistics in the workplace. 

Teaching apps & sites

To support the learning, we have created multiple sites and apps to keep learning.

Network of ND friendly educators

We support the gathering of educators that support the cause. 

NEA LinkedIn



Publications & Tools

NeuroEmergence Summit 2022 Video




Apps: Brainy

When you focus on your your brain strengths, it supports your growth more than focusing on perceived shortcomings. The Brainy App allows you to become more aware of your own ‘Brain Strengths’ and the activities you do to promote it.

This awareness helps to understand how you use ‘your own Brainy’, appreciate the way how your own brain works and focuses on brain activities that increases its well being. It’s designed supporting the ideas of the growth-mindset and neurodiversity, and facilitates understanding of your unique approach on how you like to be engaged, learn, think, communicate, solve problems and make decisions. 

Your personal data is stored only on your phone, because genuine privacy matters for all of us. The app is free for users, its build in our wish to supports users to thrive in life.

Download the app, and ask yourself: How is my Brainy doing today?


Lectures and talks with clever, curious or crafty individuals about the future of neurodiverse society.

There are many fascinating and interesting individuals with a perspective on the future of Neurodiversity in society. Especially looking beyond the Corona-period, we hope to uncover visions and ideas of how the world should work, to make it work for all neurotypes. Some of these lectures and talks will be released yearly on Pride Day, all are added to the recourses of the neurodiversity education academy for participants.

If you want to book a speaker from the Neurodiversity Foundation or the NE Academy, for a lecture, a talk, a speech, or panel, or another type of speaking engagement, this can be made possible by sending us a mail at Please include all practical and relevant information in your request.

Brain awareness Week & NC Week

Every year in the third week of March, both the Brain Awareness Week is celebrated to shed some light on the impact of our own brains on how we live and thrive, as well as the Neurodiversity Celebration Week focussed on schools.

The foundation organizes activities to highlight this day in the Netherlands, supporting the initiative of the Dana Foundation and the work of Siena Castellon. For Brain Awareness Week we organize workshops for kids, teachers and parents. Also we hand out and use copies of our own My Amazing Brain Magazine in classrooms.

Neurodiversity education academy

We have build an educational platform focused on awareness, advocacy and capacity building for parents and schools: the Neurodiversity Education AcademyThe vision of the ‘NE Academy’ is, a society that recognizes the importance of neurodiversity and amplifies the strengths as well as provides accessibility to all neurotypes.

  • We believe that it is crucial for society to create neurodiverse friendly homes and schools that support all neurotypes.
  • We dream of a world where representation is omnipresent. A place where a neurodivergent child can find and connect with wonderful role models, of people who leveraged their differences and succeeded.
  • We believe that achieving this vision is a process, a journey if you will, and those willing to set out will need good guides, spaces to rest and reflect and good information about where they are going and what is possible.

What do we provide?

  • Self paced online training,
  • More extensive time bound courses with live sessions,
  • Live online workshops talks or interviews, single or in a conference bundle (i.e. during Brain Awareness week and on & around Neurodiversity Pride day)
  • Replay bundles of old workshops or online conferences
  • Bespoke sessions for your team with practice based Q&A sessions at the end
  • Downloadable tools and resources

Where can I start?


NEA Mission

The aim of our mission is to eventually build the Neurodiversity into a broad range of courses and workshops aimed at diverse target groups. We aim to build our courses on the combination of

  • The work international experts and their evidence based practices
  • Best practices from everyday practitioners in the target groups area of expertise
  • The combined experience of neurodivergent people with hands on experience on what works.

We want to offer a wide range of introductory courses for free as we believe everyone should have access to information that can make the world more neurodiverse friendly. At the same time we want to support our (often themselves neurodivergent) content creators in making a living off their work, so we will also offer paid courses.


– To create a fun safe place for ND kids to hang out, socially.

– To create the tools and training teachers need, to educate themselves on how to create neuroinclusive classrooms. 

– To create a community of late-diagnosed, centered round belonging. 

– To utilize Brain Awareness Week, NC Week and Neurodiversity Pride Day as ways to nudge educators into a neuroinclusive direction

– To speak, where words can change the perspective of those making decisions for the future of education.


Neuroemergence Community

If you are late-diagnosed or self-diagnosed adult, we invite you to join the neuroemergence community.


The Neurodiversity Education Academy has multiple training courses, and also creates trainings, both in Dutch & English language. The experts on trainings are Lana Jelenjev, Tjerk Feitsma and Saskia Wenniger.

If you have a wish to offer your own course on neurodiversity, via the NE Academy we do offer the opportunity for trusted teachers to add a program.

If you have a request for a training, course or workshop for your own group, please contact or email to


    The Neurodiversity Education Academy organizes workshops for teachers and parents on neurodiversity and growth mind set, but in NL as well as anywhere we are asked to deliver. We give ‘live’ workshops and virtual ones. 

    The workshops are run by Saskia Wenniger and Lana Jelenjev from the educational team of the foundation. There have been workshops for teachers and/or parents in the Netherlands, Philipines and Indonesia.

    Booking workshops for teachers and parents, is done via the NE Academy. You can also send requests to the foundation at

    Student Teams

    The Neurodiversity Foundation hosts student teams directing their focus to topics relating to Neurodiversity, like 3D, Marketing, Tech, Politics, Workplace appeal and more.  

    If you are teacher, part of a student group or student research group and want to cooperate with the foundation on a research project: contact us, we love to support these types of efforts.