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Stride – Going the distance together to celebrate Neurodiversity

On the 18th of June 2022, the First Stride will commence, with more than 100 participants biking to create awareness on Neurodiversity Pride Day. The participants are persons with a neurodivergent mind, like autistics or dyslects or people with ADHD, and their allies and friends. The biggest group, in collab with the A-talent Foundation in 2022 will bike 50 of 100 kilometers and visit neurodivergent-friendly organisations during their journey. A second Pride group gathered via the Pride&Sports organization, are starting in Amsterdam to support Neurodivergent members of the LGTBQIA+ community celebrating their pride. Each persons ‘Stride’, their personal effort, will be added to the total, which we will record with the Stride App. At Neurodiversity Pride Day, we tested with ‘the first’ tester, and the test was succesfull. We will aim in 2022 to achieve a collective achievement of a roundtrip round the moon: 10.921 kilometers.

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Poster Stride

18 June 2022

Neurodivergents & allies are welcomed to join, either to the routes that are planned, or by your own route and do this in your own way. There are 10 ways to move forward, biking is the most popular, but running, dancing and even moonwalking are all accepted options. How it works is:

  • You download the Stride app from the Play Store or Ios App Store.
  • After signing in, you can select with which activity you are ‘moving forward’ in your ‘stride’ journey.
  • Then you can tap on the ‘start’ button, when you start your Stride.
  • In the app you will see the total result as well, of all neurodivergents joining in today. Because in our Neurodivergent Stride, we go the distance together