ND Pride 2021

ND Pride 2021

ND Pride 2021

Neurodiversity Pride Day – 2021 

June 18 2021 will be the 4th edition of Neurodiversity Pride Day, the day of pride to celebrate neurodivergent uniqueness. A day to rejoice in and how each of us add beauty to an otherwise neurotypical society. It’s a day organized by & for neurodivergents, and their allies. Other often used names for the Neurodiversity Pride day are: ND Pride Day and Neurodivergent Pride Day.  

The program for ND Pride 2021:

Neurodiversity Networks meetups

07:00 Neurodiversity Networks in organizations. ND Pride Day UK, NL & USA

June 18 is the best day in the year to launch, or meetup with your neurodiversity network. This is a group of ND peers in your own organization.


8:00 – Workshop
ND Pride Day Phillippines 2021:
Workshop by the NE Academy in Phillippines. In the Education Room: Introduction in Neurodiversity.


9:00 – Workshop
ND Pride Day Australia 2021:
Workshop by Siobhan Lamb about Executive Functioning, in the Education Room. 

Neuroinclusive politician award

10:00 – 10:20 Neuroinclusive Politician Award 2021-2023
ND Pride Day NL:
Who will win: Peter, Lisa, Sylvana, Lilianne, Rugter or Rudmer? A winner is selected for the award by a secret neurodivergent jury. 


10:30 – Workshop
ND Pride Day Indonesia 2021 :
Workshop by the NE Academy for Philippines educators by Lana Jelenjev. Also in the Education room: workshop executive functioning

Lunch Talk

12:00 – Lunchtalk: Over anders kijken en anders doén
ND Pride Day NL 2021:
Lunch Talk met Suzanne Agterberg en Saskia Wenniger.


13:00 – Growth Through Adversity talks
ND Pride Day 2021:
We will invite national and international experts for a conversation about the current state of neurodiverse individuals. The talks will be shared, after Neurodiversity Pride Day, by the NE Academy.

Coming Out as Neurodivergent

14:30 – Neurodivergent coming out
Neurodiversity Pride Day UK 2021:
In the UK, Helen Davies organizes the “Coming out as Neurodiverse at Work: Advocating for Support in the Workplace” workshop.

ND Poets Expo

15:00 – Neurodivergents Poets showcase
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021:
We will share 10 poems by dutch neurodivergent poets in the Arts Room.

ND Artist Expo

16:00 – Neurodivergent Artists showcase
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021 :
We want to share 10 pieces of art, made by dutch neurodivergent artists in the Arts Room. 

Neurodiversity Keynote of the Year

17:00 – Neurodiversiteitsrede

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 :

Every Year we ask a daring pioneer to speak about Neurodiversity.

We will hold the annual speech of the year, delivered by a pioneer in their field, and broadcast it live. 

See all previous editions in the Keynote Room.

Club House

18:00 – Clubhouse talks
ND Pride Day 2021:
On clubhouse, host Marvin  invites you for ‘a sense of belonging’ – talks & listens on neurodiversity & diversity.

Neurodiversity Pride Anthem

19:00 – ND Pride Anthem
ND Pride Day 2021 
A special new rendition of our themesong is composed by Studiognomes in the Netherlands. You can listen to the song in the You Room. 

ND Pride Rave

20:00 – 23:00 Neurodiversity Pride Dance Party
ND Pride Day 2021 :
From Amstelveen to the world: Dutch DJs will perform a disco online, for people wanting to dance in celebration join in the Party Room in the Pride Universe, to dance.

Game Release

21:00 – Release of the Neurodiverse Traits Game – virtual reality edition
ND Day 2021 :
This kwartet game (‘go fish’), has 4 positive traits for 9 neurotypes in the game to play. Its designed and crafted by Marieke, and supported by Stijn Schenk, and the foundation. 

Brainy App

22:00 – Dutch Brainy App live
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021.
The Brainy App is a brain strengths journaliing app, and since pride 2021 also available in dutch 

Art installation

23:45 – Synaesthesia Room
ND Pride Day UK 2021:
Due to Covid, the art installation is unable to come to Rotterdam. In the Pride Universe will a special introduction be shared of this immersive artwork by Valeria Perboni in the Party Room.

VR Event

All day long – You

International ND Pride Day 2021:
For neurodivergents: Remember today, what you are proud for. And if you are neurotypical: share with a neurodivergent friend or loved-one what makes them awesome to you.