2Tango starting to work together with Authentict with Maryse, Kees, Tjerk and Peter

11 2016 - First cooperation with fellow autistics

2Tango meets with Danny Beukers to pitch the 2Tango.Signs selfmanagement-app for autistic communication. He had set up Authentict,  a organization for autistics to be able to work in harmony. One of the programmers, Kees Heil, is very curious about the project, and wishes to code it. He was supported by Peter and Maryse, but Kees was doing all the work.

This was a very important moment for 2Tango, because in Kees we had the support that we needed to move forward with the 2Tango Signs project. The cooperation with Kees was so nice, that he came to be a stable force in our organization, and drafted many important functions for Signs. Authentict bankrupted months after, having lots of goodwill, and lots of people clapping at this inspiring initiative, all wanting this organization to be successful, but still holding out on lucrative assignments that could allow for the organization to pay for its bills. Goodwill, Danny said, will not pay for the bills, you have to do better.

The bankrupcy of his first partner and rolemodel, left a stark impression on Tjerk; to make in the preparations of the ATHENS Initiative absolutely sure to discover a way for the product to be financially viable in the market, and safe while producing, for we would be building the tech, for the years to come.