Mikel Rijsdijk Grant

Make coaching services available to all Neurodivergents 

In June 2021, the “Mikel Rijsdijk Grant” was initiated, a project created by Saskia Wenniger, with support of the Neurodiversity Foundation and the Neurodiversity Education Academy. The grant enables neurodivergent the ability to receive education and coaching about neurodiversity and about their own neurodivergency. The grant is designed to support those, who struggle affording such services. 

Each edition, individuals can sign up themselves as a potential receiver of the grant. There have been multiple neurodivergents in recent editions, being supported with granted services they felt needed in order to thrive. 

The Mikel Rijsdijk Grant, is usually awarded in the period close to Neurodiversity Pride Day. The supply of the Grant is limited. For those financially capable of paying for these services, we ask you to leave this opportunity open for those who struggle doing so.   

About Mikel Rijsdijk

The grant was named after Mikel Rijsdijk. Read more about Mikel here . 

How to sign up?

The procedure of signing up is simple: fill in the form.

The form for 2023 is not released yet. When it will be released, it will be hosted on this page.


About Saskia Wenniger

I decided to become a coach for this specific clientele after discovering that I tended to attract neurodivergent clients. At the time I was working on building a career around my passions. And I found a lot of clients also stuck in their jobs and eager to pursue new possibilities, but somehow not making much progress on their own. Coaching seemed to help them immensely!

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Partners of the Mikel Rijsdijk Grant

Brilliantly Diverse

Some of us are diamonds stuck in the rough.

We do not quite know how to shine YET, because most people around us have a hard time perceiving our unique strengths. They hyperfocus on what they see as flaws. And we sometimes hyperfocus on their negative feedback and try desperately to get better and fit in.

But there are other ways! Let us uncover your many brilliant facets together and begin to put them to good use! 

Neurodiversity Education Academy

NEA is the umbrella of all educational projects of the Neurodiversity Foundation, also encompassing the community of late Diagnosed ND adults.

Neurodiversity Foundation

Neurodiversity Foundation promotes a societal shift towards a neuroinclusive and neurodivergent-friendly future, and is bridging the gaps between neurodiverse others, utilizing Pride, Education, Research, Innovation, Awareness and Belonging.