EU Policy Proposal

Research: Adding Neurodivergence as the 7th pillar of EU D&I policy. 

Research group: Jens van Dronkelaar, Ties Keurentjes, Teoman Versteegen and Vera Hultink.

Not all neurodivergents, consider themselves disabled, which means that in the EU this minority is not protected. This can be solved by adding neurodivergence  as a valid D&I criterium in EU Policy, next to the disability criterium or as a separate 7th criterium.

In the EU a new research team is forming in the Neurodiversity Foundation, to see how we can add neurodivergence as a 7th pillar of EU D&I policy, or have it share the 6th category next to disability. This team hopes to deliver clarity on Neurodiversity Pride Day 2024 with a presentation, on the ways forward in the EU.

The link mentioned in the presentation, is , the research of Nedbels:


EU Policy Proposal

About Research:

The EU Policy Proposal is calling for the European Commission to include neurodiversity as the 7th pillar of inclusion, in order to foster acceptance and accommodation for all EU neurodivergents. The official start of this project is on Neurodiversity Pride 2023. On June 16th, during the 7th edition of Neurodiversity Pride the research group will launch their research. 

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