Neurodiversity Foundation met Merlijn en Saskia Buma - autisme voorstellen 2e kamer

02 2018 - Putting Neurodiversity on the political agenda

ATHENS Initiative joins Merlijn Goldsack (Merlin Blue) and Saskia Buma ( in a meeting with Lisa Westerveld, a politician in the Tweede Kamerlid of the Netherlands. She accepts our handed proposals for improving the ability to thrive for autistics, and states her wish to be a good friend to the mission. Some of our offers include Signs & Mini.AI, and a basic income for long term unemployed autistics. We accept that it may take years for this situation to be accepted by a majority.

In the years to follow, Lisa actually keeps her word, and speaks up to the parliament, multiple times, for issues concerning autistics, dyslectics and marginalized kids in general. Her voice is one of the few inspiring ones in politics, as she is trying to pave the way for a more inclusive society. Her efforts and proposals are most often not accepted by the majority, but being represented at all, is a seachange for our minority, and for all of us with neurological differences.