Tjerk Feitsma 2Tango Signs 2Tango Neurodiversity Foundation

02 2018 - Presenting at Inspirator

At Inspirator, the newest upcoming healthcare initiative represent themselves, and 2Tango gets a slot as on of the three keynote speakers. It leads to a fire-fuelled speech, encouraging new healthcare startups to be bold, brave and to convert their pain into love, as they will run into it, in their steps towards growth and innovation. Innovation that other unknown to them will need them to continue.

As Tjerk walks to the stage, he throws his microphone in a corner, and uses the full force of his voice to pervey the message of inclusion and courage in entrepreneurialism. ‘I wasn’t aware that I was going to do that’said Tjerk afterwards, ‘but when I talk about my mission, fear and tact dissapear, and my whole body takes over‘.