My Amazing Brain Magazine, made by Lana, Eleonora and Saskia

02 2019 - Creation of the My Amazing Brain Magazine

To support the move towards a more neurodiverse and inclusive society, we created a magazine for youngsters about the brain. The magazine is created to support interest and curiosity into each others differences, leading to more neurodiverse friendships and understanding.

The magazine (& its avatar Brainy), is designed by Eleonora Spagnuolo, content is from Saskia Weniger, and overall project management & outreach has been done by Lana Jelenjev.

The first limited edition, will be given to schoolkids of three international schools in the Netherlands. Also the NVA volunteers will receive an addition. As well as some like-minded sympathizers, supporting the vision of the Initiative. The first edition is in English language, we hope to create Dutch language versions as well for dutch speaking schoolrooms.