Talking with Cifli

03 2019 - Considering international partnerships

To reach the level of 10 million users, we must look in a concrete and pragmatic way in how to achieve it, and what seems likely is that we are going to need some friends to want us to succeed on a intrinsic level. We can build the very best tool ever build, but we are not specialized yet in product implementation and scaling. Especially looking at our third goal, which is beyond the local market, we felt it to be smart to consider partnerships with entrepreneurs who have more experience in the area than we do. We welcome their wisdom, and will use their support to help out our people with the Mini.AI project specifically, and the pheasable dream of integrating Mini.AI & Signs into screenware, implementable assisted communication for neurodivergents everywhere. This would enable any hospital, carehome or government building to get an ‘autism-friendly’  upgrade for screen-assisted communication.