Autvinder wedstrijd 2024 - beste autistische uitvinder van Nederland

01 2024 - Autvinder Competition for Autistic inventors

Autvinder is a brandnew competition to find the best autistic inventors and innovators, and honor them with an prize and title. In this project we also shine a light on the enormous potential autistic people have to discover, invent, renew and upgrade, supported by traits typically attributed to autistics like high perseverence, thinking differently and hyperfocus. The third longterm aim of the competition is to have more currently unemployed autistics recruited for paying jobs in areas where innovation or out-of-the-box thinking is crucial. The Neurodiversity Foundation and its partners (the association for autism and 2 educational institutions) organize this first edition for autistics living in the Netherlands, and the jury will decide on the winning entry around World Autism Day in April 2024 en on ND Pride 2024.