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Invite us for a keynote address, an exploratory talk about a specific topic, or a presentation focused on intersectionality, inclusion disability and/or neurodiversity. Let us share our knowledge with your crowd!


Invite us to contribute to your event and let us share an authentic perspective to humanize these challenges and people affected by them. 


Invite us as panelists for your panel discussion. We enjoy engaging with other experts sharing our lived experience to bring about meaningful change.


Invite us to facilitate conversations on the challenges faced by differently abled individuals and how to address them! We are available for any discussion as hosts or contributors. 


Invite us as experts in the field for your meetings with your teams, leadership or relevant persons in your organization. We’ll let you pick our brains and mindsets to expand your vision!


Invite us for brainstorms or sessions of ideation. Let’s bring new ideas to the table, unfiltered and possibly radical, to help you reach new heights. 

About Karim & Tjerk

Karim El Oteify

Karim El Oteify is an intersectional entrepreneur, creator, and consultant passionate about change and transformation. After moving to the Netherlands in 2018 to study media and communications at Erasmus University Rotterdam, he fell in love with the local entrepreneurial culture, which led him to launch two projects to support the growing international community. BGMT, an online platform for young internationals, and Assist NL, a relocation service for young professionals. 

Karim’s path transitioned as time passed, and his passion for people and stories drove him to get certified in systemic change management! With that certification, his communications degree, and a masterclass in diversity and inclusion under his belt, he now spends his time helping organizations tell better stories and facilitating change within organizations to create safe spaces where intersectional individuals such as himself may thrive!

Talks about #mediastrategy, #communications, #changemanagement, #entrepreneurship, and #diversityinclusion

Tjerk Feitsma

Director of the Neurodiversity Foundation, Originator of the Neurodiversity Pride Day, Chief of the Assistive Tech Hub Enhancing a Neurodiverse Society, Founder of Driven supportgroups for millenials, owner of social impact company 2Tango, allround veteran in the Neurodiversity Movement. 


Due to the allready extensive nature of our non-profit and charitable works, the options on this page are not available for free. Compensation ranges from:

1500 euro

2500 euro

5000 euro

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