04 2017 - Testing connection-based events

The 2Tango organization is build upon 7 insights, that are constantly being tested in events focussed on connecting two individuals to upgrade their time together. Each 2Tango event is a test for a new iteration of ‘the perfect system’, trying out new applications, activities, strategies and user-experiences. All insights need to be tested, in order to be validated for that system, and checked for interpretation by different types of participants. It results in about a thousand of participants spending time with each other, in the way they both choose to do so, within the context that feels fitting for the pair. Most of the insights are focussed on reducing awkwardness and friction in connecting, needs-matching and mutual consent. More information on these connections events and its prototypes, go to 2Tango.org for more information.

Its together research program focusses on different types of connection made between strangers, fellows, friends, romantic dates. The net for which types of human interactions we can facilitate grows wider with every test. Lessons learned are integrated into the blue-prints of the digital tools for the 2Tango.Together project that we build, in order to provide the public access to these systems.

2Tango.Walkie talkie prototype event

2tango together workshop eigentijdse jongeren
2Tango.Together workshop
flirtdek voor summerdating 2tango
flirtdek voor summerdating 2Tango
silent date zone pictures with klazien
Silent date zone pictures with Klazien
2tango vipzone materials
2Tango vipzone
Friendzone & Datingnight 2Tango with Klazien Schaap
Friendzone & Datingnight 2Tango with Klazien
2Tango Summerdating banner
2Tango Summerdating banner
2Tango duisterdating banner
2Tango duisterdating banner