10 2017 - Showcasing solutions

Showcasing our works to autistics results in them supporting our mission, ideas and vision. And understanding how they are rarely listened to, even when their opinion is asked, made a change in us. In 2017 the initiative decided to align themselves with the ASAN network, and its slogan ‘nothing about us without us’ and the call for an inclusive neurodiversity in society.

One of the problems we were struck by, in meeting many of our autistic brothers and sisters, was the realisation that our early stage prototypes of the autisme-friendly language Signs and how it could be used, were biased to solve  communication problems specifically for  individuals that used to be categorized as Asperger & PDDnos. It was this realization; that we were not helping all autistics, that wouldn’t leave us, and that we should not allow ourselves to take that easy road. It  resulted to a pivot, to focus more and more on neurodiverse translation, and integrate new communication options usefull for individuals unable to use screens or complex technology. New ways to communicate were carried in the Swipes, Shakes & Morsecode functionalities. In this way we can translate between more types, taking a more inclusive stance in our approach.

Also, the preparations for the foundation, took a much more inclusive approach to serving all neurodivergents to thrive, with additional campaigns and schoolproject. The main technological project would remain focussed on solving the issue for autistics first, because we were the first to have a real shot at actually solving it.