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The Neurodiversity Pride Day – 2021

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the international day of pride for people with neurodivergent minds, celebrated each year on June 18th.

The Pride Universe for the Neurodiverse is open for all neurodivergents & allies to celebrate neurodiversity. The universe will reopen the 17 & 18th of June 2022 with the Metaverse Event, one of the activities of the Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022 Program. Next to many activities organized locally, there will also be a 3 day Online Summit, called NeuroEmergence, the You Room opens again, a new ND Art Expo opens up, and there will be a big sports event to celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day, called “Stride“. Join and celebrate neurodivergent pride, in any way that suits your unique self!

Go To: Program Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022! Go To: Program Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022!

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 Activities:

Click here to go to the Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse Click here to go to the Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse

Party Room | Award Room | Talks Room | Talent Room | Video Room | Keynote Room | Friends Room | Education Room | You Room | Arts & Poets Room

Join in and enjoy most of the online Neurodiversity Pride day activities in the Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse

The day is een reminder, a celebration of your own unique brain, and how it benefits the world around you. Autistic, Dyslectic, Neurotypical, these are just some shapes of the neurological variances we have to each other. None are errors, all contribute to our human society. In humanity, there are no mistakes, only variations. Each brain, each person, adds something uniquely beautiful to our human collective. And this idea, the idea of neurodiversity, deserves a spotlight, and a day of celebration, for its our differences, our unlikeness to each other, that ups the vitality of society. We all have something unique and awesome to contribute, and on this day neurodivergent people and their allies celebrate!

There are fun, serious and interesting activities organized in the Netherlands and worldwide, but most importantly: this is the day where you can party or honor your brainy self or your likeminded others, solo or with others, in whatever way works for you. Or as we’d say in Dutch: Vier Je Eigen Feestje!

Neurodiversity Pride Day – Program 2021 – 18 June

All day long - You
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021:
For neurodivergents: Remember today, what you are proud for. And if you are neurotypical: share with a neurodivergent friend or loved-one what makes them awesome to you.

Go to the You Room

8:00 - Workshop
Neurodiversity Pride Day Phillippines
Workshop by the NE Academy in Phillippines. In the Education Room: Introduction in Neurodiversity. Read about NE Academy Go to the Education Room
9:00 - Workshop
Neurodiversity Pride Day Australia 2021:
Workshop by Siobhan Lamb about Executive Functioning, in the Education Room. Read about NE Academy Go to the Education Room

10:00 - 10:20 Neuroinclusive Politician Award 2021-2023
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL:
Who will win: Peter, Lisa, Sylvana, Lilianne, Rugter or Rudmer? A winner is selected for the award by a secret neurodivergent jury. Interview with nominees Go to the Award Room

10:30 - Workshop
Neurodiversity Pride Day Indonesia 2021 :
Workshop by the NE Academy for Philippines educators by Lana Jelenjev. Also in the Education room: workshop executive functioning Sign up for this workshop ahead of time Go to the Education Room
12:00 - Lunchtalk: Over anders kijken en anders doén
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021:
Lunch Talk met Suzanne Agterberg en Saskia Wenniger
Go to the Talks Room
13:00 - Growth Through Adversity talks
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021:
We will invite national and international experts for a conversation about the current state of neurodiverse individuals. The talks will be shared, after Pride Day, by the NE Academy.
See the 2020 Talks Go to the Talks Room
14:30 - Neurodivergent coming out
Neurodiversity Pride Day UK 2021:
In the UK, Helen Davies organizes the “Coming out as Neurodiverse at Work: Advocating for Support in the Workplace” workshop. Visit Practical Wisdom UK Go to the Talks Room
15:00 - Neurodivergents Poets showcase
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021:
We will share 10 poems by dutch neurodivergent poets
Nominate Go to the Artists & Poets Room
16:00 - Neurodivergent Artists showcase
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021 :
We want to share 10 pieces of art, made by dutch neurodivergent artists Nominate Go to the Artists & Poets Room
17:00 - Neurodiversiteitsrede
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 :
We will hold the annual speech of the year, delivered by a pioneer in their field, and broadcast it live. See 2019 Edition See 2020 Edition Go to the Keynote Room
18:00 Clubhouse talks
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021:
On clubhouse, host Marvin Fernandes Da Cruz Laranjeira invites you for ‘a sense of belonging’ – talks & listens on neurodiversity & diversity Go to the clubhouse event
19:00 - Neurodiversity Pride Anthem
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 A special new rendition of our themesong is composed by Studiognomes in the Netherlands. You can listen to the song in the You Room. Hear the original Go to the You Room
20:00 - 23:00 Neurodiversity Pride Dance Party
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 :
From Amstelveen to the world: Dutch DJs will perform a disco online, for people wanting to dance in celebration join in the Party Room in the Pride Universe, to dance. Go to the Party Room
21:00 - Release of the Neurodiverse Traits Game - virtual reality edition
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 :
This kwartet game (‘go fish’), has 4 positive traits for 9 neurotypes in the game to play. Its designed and crafted by Marieke, and supported by Stijn Schenk, and the foundation. Go to the Talents Room
22:00 - Dutch Brainy App live
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021 – :
The Brainy App is a brain strengths journaliing app, and since pride 2021 also available in dutch Download Brainy App
23:45 - Synaesthesia Room
Neurodiversity Pride Day UK 2021:
Due to Covid, the art installation is unable to come to Rotterdam. In the Pride Universe will a special introduction be shared of this immersive artwork by Valeria Perboni in the Party Room.
The actual work will be showcased for a lucky few when Corona regulations are allowing it in Rotterdam at a later date.
Read about the Synaesthesia Room Check it out Go to the Party Room
All day - Content Countdown
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021:
Our friends at ADHD Cafe, are counting down the month in content posts. Countdown resets, at 23:59 for Pride Day 2022!
Read the 2020 Countdown Check it out on social media

- All Day - Add your
own activity
Neurodiversity Pride Day Worldwise 2021 :
If you want to organize an activity to celebrate the 2021 or 2022 day by yourself, with your organization, or group of friends, do so! Add you own Pride Activity to the program
All Day - Pridefee for Insta
Neurodiversity Pride Day NL 2021 :
share your own #weareallnuts picture. Be creative! Upload it to the socials with the hashtag. For extra glam: You may also use the two 100m2 billboards in Schiphol Airport & Amsterdam Leidseplein, as a visual backdrop. #Weareallnuts examples Check it out

All Day - Pride Frame
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021:
We will release a Neurodiversity Pride Frame for social media. Its a easy, fun way, to show others your inclusion or allyship. Pride 2021 Frame – Dutch Version Pride Frame 2021 – English version

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the global celebration of neurodivergent individuals: the added value of people with different types of minds. Its organized every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. On Neurodiversity Pride Day, you are invited to celebrate you being you, in all your unique ways. Well done, you!

What to do on Neurodiversity pride day? A preplanned guide for the day.

On June 18th, do whatever you like to do, to celebrate yourself, or neurodivergents around you. Its your day, and it is for and about you. To support planning the day with so many activities, we did put together a example program to consider, with ongoing activities and live activities:

  • At 0800, show you celebrate the day, by adding a social media frame. There are also workshops starting in Indonesia for teachers.
  • At 0900, make a pride fee. You don’t have to share it with anyone, but you are welcome to do so: #pridefee.
  • At 1000, watch the winner of the neuro-inclusive politician award, in the Award Room (LIVE at 1000 CET).
  • At 1030, there are workshops in the Phillippines, for teachers creating a neurodiverse friendly school
  • At 1100, visit the Video Room, and watch female autistics that are powerfully different.
  • At 1200, join in the Lunchtalk, with educator Saskia & ambassador Suzanne
  • At 1300, watch the live & prerecorded talks in the Talks Room
  • Around 1430 see the ‘neurodivergent coming out’ sessions about employment and neurodivergence with Helen Davies from Neurodiversity Pride Day UK
  • At 1500, check out dutch neurodivergents poets in the Arts & Poets Room, all poems are in the dutch language.
  • At 1600, witness some great artworks by neurodivergent dutch artist in the Arts & Poets Room.
  • At 1700, will start the keynote speech of 2021, the ‘neurodiversiteitsrede’, expressed this year by the originator of the term, and a beloved elder of the movement, Judy Singer (LIVE at 1700 CET)
  • At 1800, listen or join in clubhouse meetup about intersectional experiences in neurodiversity.
  • At 1830, visit the Friends Room, and …. talk to a new person, in the virtual world you choose wether to put you camera & mic on or off.
  • At 1900, go to the You Room, and listen to the Neurodiversity Pride Antem, made for this day.
  • At 2000, join the worldwide celebration in the Party Room, where dutch DJs will perform their music for everyone that wants to dance (LIVE at 2000 CET)
  • At 2100, have a look at the virtual edition of the neurodiverse traits game in the Talents Room
  • At 2200, download the Brainy App, in english or the new pride day release in the dutch language. Then quickly return to the Party Room to dance a little bit more.
Each June 18th, neurodivergents & their allies, celebrate Neurodiversity.
This, is your invitation, to celebrate, your own way, in your own way.
The times mentioned for each activity, may change, upon practical needs.

Something…… else?

There are more activities joinin into the program, they will be added on this pride page. We have ability to host 3000 humans in our virtual world at max capacity, please be patient with technical glitches: our team is likely working on it.

If you want to organise somethign with others, please consider the three guidelines for organizers: Be inclusive to all, skip sad stories for this one day & nothing about us without us,

All activities are free, all access is free, all support in time or cash is gifted by supporters, and this is how we want to do it, this is the way. We do also need sponsors or supporters for our costs. If you want to donate to the Neurodiversity Foundation leading the efforts of the day, or to the technical team for ‘VR streaming credits’ (one of our major costs), please do so: NL41INGB0008401131 is the account of “stichting Neurodiversiteit”, and label your donation ‘pride’. Thank you, for inspiring us to make this day a global event with your support.

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