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Organize Your Own 2021 Pride Event!

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the global celebration of the value of people with different types of minds. Its organized every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. And also to have a day to celebrate your own unique brain, and how it benefits the world. We all have something unique and awesome to contribute, and on this day we invite all to show what they are proud of! This is your invitation to organize an activity on June 18 2021, like a workshop, a dance, a exhibition, a march, any activity you can think of! This, if your invitation.


About the day:

Neurodiversity Pride Day was initiated by the Neurodiversity Foundation, and was inspired by the Autism Pride days in the US & UK. In the Netherlands its supported by the NVA, Impuls/Woortblind and Spirit, and are welcoming other organizations that want to contribute by organizing an activity on the day as well.. Also a growing number of individuals and companies have a wish to celebrate this day, and yes: we are all welcome!

If you would like to organize an activity, add your information in the form below. This will put the event on the Global Neurodiversity Pride Map!