“Add your pride activity for 2022 – Vier Je Eigen Feestje” 18 | 6 | 2022

Add your own Neurodiversity Pride Day Event

Join us in celebrating neurodivergent uniqueness and a world that equally embraces all neurotypes. Exhibition? March? Workshop? Lecture? Meetup? Slowdating? Movie? Silent Walk? Sending Cards? What would you like to do to”Vier je eigen feestje!?”

If you want to organize something to celebrate this day, add the information in the form below. In this way, we can add the activity to the program of the day.


The Rules for all organizers of Neurodiversity Pride Day activities are:

  • No sad stories today: Pride Day is the one day for joy, where neurodivergents and their allies, don’t allow for negative stereotypes, hurtful hoaxes, curetalk or victimhood tales, by anyone. This is the one day for showing the awesomeness, acceptance and inclusion of each and all, respecting each neurominority, the day to move forward, and turn the page of the past, and revel in our shared future to come: a vision of a society equally embracing each neurotype.
  • Nothing about us, without us. Pride day is organized, for each individual neurodivergent, worldwide, and for each ally witnessing the beauty of a neurodiverse future for all mankind. If you are a neurotypical individual, or an organisation serving the neurodivergent community, we expect that your team or effort will include neurodivergents in the process of celebrating the day with us, as leaders, speakers, organizers, volunteers or at the very least as guests.
  • Be inclusive to all. Neurodiversity Pride Day has a specific focus of inclusion, we however also support other pride groups making good trouble, and counter societal tendencies than undermine their work. Therefore we don’t allow for discrimination based in racism, misogyny, sexism or genderrelated exclusion, sexual orientation, or discrimination based on cultural identity. Neurodiversity, means all of us, and it excludes no group of people from our shared future, therefore discrimination, to anyone, does not make any sense.

About Neurodiversity Pride Day

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the global celebration of the value of people with different types of minds. Its organized every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. And also to have a day to celebrate your own unique brain, and how it benefits the world. We all have something unique and awesome to contribute, and on this day we invite all to show what they are proud of! This is your invitation to organize an activity on June 18 2021, like a workshop, a dance, a exhibition, a march, any activity you can think of! This, if your invitation.

Neurodiversity Pride Day was initiated by the Neurodiversity Foundation, and was inspired by the Autism Pride days in the US & UK. In the Netherlands its supported by the NVA, Impuls/Woortblind and Spirit, and are welcoming other organizations that want to contribute by organizing an activity on the day as well.. Also a growing number of individuals and companies have a wish to celebrate this day, and yes: we are all welcome!