Pride 2020

On the 18th of June 2020 we will celebrate the Neurodiversity Pride Day in the Netherlands.

There will be the traditional annual Neurodiversiteitsrede. The most neurofriendly politician of the last year will be thanked. And activities of pride are all over in the country. The theme of this year is ‘neurodiverse cooperation’ and we are inviting new and likeminded organizations to the neurodiversity pride day organizational teams. Lets move forward together!

A completely new endeavour and ambition for 2020 is to create the ‘Pride Wall of Inclusion’, and invite 16 mayors & alderman of every province in the Nederlands to add their message, in videoform, of acceptance, appreciation and inclusion for all, regardless of which neurotype you are born with.

First sketches of the Pride Wall

Their messages of inclusion and pride, speaking on behalf of their municipalities will be added to a 16-tiled metascreen, playing each of the messages, one after another. This ‘wall’ will be livestreamed on Neurodiversity Pride Day, and projected on building that are partnering with the pride day organizations .

If you want to know more, or want to join in, email to