Neurodiversity Pride Day 2020: Vier Je Eigen Feestje!

Neurodiversity Pride Day - dag van de neurodiversiteit 18 Juni
Op Neurodiversity Pride Day, op 18 Juni, vieren we ons eigen feestje. We vieren, ieder op onze eigen manier, dat we als samenleving groeien naar een maatschappij die de waarde steeds meer inziet van elk neurotype, en waardering voelt voor onze diversiteit onderling. We vieren dat we ons trots mogen voelen over ons anders-zijn en hoe wij een bijdrage zijn in een wereld vol mensen met verschillende breinen. Solo, of samen; vier je eigen feestje!

N.B. We hebben wegens Corona de meeste activiteiten aangepast zodat je het ook thuis of mobiel kan meebeleven. Om ook onze internationale sprekers en sympathisanten mee te kunnen laten genieten, zijn sommige teksten in het engels vertaald.

On the 18th of June 2020 we will celebrate the Neurodiversity Pride Day in the Netherlands.”Vier je eigen feestje” is this years theme, and means; to celebrate yourself, to celebrate the ones like you & to celebrate in your own way. Follow updates on:, facebook or #neurodiversityprideday. Most activities have a information page on this website, some of it will be in dutch language, but most of it is in english.

Activities & Contributors


The program of the day:


3rd Edition: “Vier Je Eigen Feestje” 

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the nations 3rd edition celebrating of the value of people with different types of minds in society at large. Its organized every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. And also to have a day to celebrate your own brain, and how your uniqueness benefits the world. We all have something awesome to contribute, and on this day we invite all to show or feel what they are proud of! Celebrate yourself, in your own way. Together, or solo. Celebrate your uniqueness!

Among the activities on the day, there will be the traditional annual Neurodiversiteitsrede.  There will be interviews with neurodivergents. There will be talks about a neurodiverse future in post-corona times with experts. There will be Workshops for teachers, kids and parents. And there will be meetups with workshops om embracing differences. During the day, both english and dutch are spoken and used.

About Neurodiversity Pride Day

Neurodiversity Pride Day was initiated by the Neurodiversity Foundation, and was inspired by the Autism Pride days in the US & UK. In the Netherlands its  2020 edition is supported by the NVA, Impuls/Woortblind and Spirit, and we are welcoming other organizations that want to contribute by organizing an activity on this edition or on the 2021 edition. Also a growing number of individuals and companies have a wish to celebrate this day, and yes: we are all welcome!

Due to Corona Virus

Corona-update: What we can’t do, yet, but aim for in 2021: Due to Corona Virus, we had to delay some fun activities to the fourth edition, just to make sure we can support ‘flattening the covid curve’, this includes:

  • The wall of Inclusion: A new endeavour and ambition for 2021 is to create the ‘Pride Wall of Inclusion‘, and invite 16 mayors & alderman of every province in the Nederlands to add their message, in videoform, of acceptance, appreciation and inclusion for all, regardless of which neurotype you are born with. An egg hatched from the heartfelt message of inclusion, made by Amstelveens alderman Marijn in the opening of last years main event. Their messages of inclusion and pride, speaking on behalf of their municipalities will be added to a 16-tiled metascreen, playing each of the messages, one after another. This ‘wall’ will be livestreamed on Neurodiversity Pride Day, and projected on building that are partnering with the pride day organizations.
  • The Neurodance event does not fit the regulations of the government of social distancing. Therefore we will seek for an alternative date or edition.
  • The live friending & matching event for Together did not fit the covid regulations, therefore IF the ‘curve is flattened’, we will seek for possibilities to recreate this event in Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 or Autism Week.
  • Due to a lack of candidates that have demonstratively shown their worthiness of winning the award, the Neuro-Inclusive Politician Award stays with the 2019 winner, Lisa Westerveld. We hope to nominate a successor in 2021, as we also keep up our hopes for more representatives giving voice to the concerns of Neurodivergents in dutch politics.