Neurodiversity Pride Day

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the day for celebrating neurodivergent uniqueness since 2018.

For more information about Neurodiversity Pride Day 2022, see this page. The new date for the Neurodiversity Pride Day is June 16th 2023.

About Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021: June 18!

The most recent Neurodiversity Pride Day in the Netherlands was in June 18th 2021! The theme of the day was ‘Vier Je Eigen Feestje’, roughly translated to ‘Celebrate who you are, in your own way’.

  • You can read more about some of our plans for activities, below,
  • You can join in as an organization, or organize an activity yourself, and if you do: to make it so, please contact us first at: [email protected] or fill in the contact form. 

At June 18 2021 the Neurodiversity Pride Day is organized internationally. The main projects and activities for the day**:

  • Online Pride Day Talks: We will organize an online summit, to make sure we can be together, even if covid limits our ability to be physically together.
  • Neuroinclusive Politician Award 2021-2023: From a list of nominated political representatives supporting neurodivergent people or neurodiversity as a whole, a winner is selected for the award by a secret neurodivergent jury. * (political parties can nominate only one party member). On Februari 14th, we publish the Nip Award Nominees
  • Neurodivergents Poets: We want to share 10 poems by dutch neurodivergent poets. (nominate a dutch neurodivergent poet)
  • Neurodivergent Artists: We want to share 10 pieces of art, made by dutch neurodivergent artists (nominate a dutch neurodivergent artist)
  • Neurodiversiteitsrede: We will hold the annual speech of the year, delivered by a pioneer in their field.
  • Growth Through Adversity talks: We will invite national and international experts for a conversation about the current state of neurodiverse individuals.
  • Pride Frame: We will release a Neurodiversity Pride Frame for social media
  • Pride Universe: We will release a virtual reality world, “Pride Universe of the Neurodiverse”

Next to the main projects, we are considering for 2022: A neurodance event, Pride messaging (in cards or images), new courses for the Neurodiversity Education Academy, Pride collage (with partnerorganizations), interviews, a big meetup-matching event (either online of offline), webinarsworkshops and …. Perhaps new content in our virtual world. .

*The name for the award has changed from neurodivers-friendly politician to neuroinclusive politician award in 2021, for clarity.

** The events were organized in Corona Times, cancellations of some events were not possible: we chose to adhere to the Corona guidelines and kept adjusting our plans to its developments.

There are many other plans and ideas, if you want to join in helping organizing, or if you are part of an organization wanting the join in the celebration in your own way, use the contact form below.

About Neurodiversity Pride Day 2020

On the 18th of June 2020 we will celebrate the Neurodiversity Pride Day in the Netherlands.”Vier je eigen feestje” is this years theme, and means; to celebrate yourself, to celebrate the ones like you & to celebrate in your own way.

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the nations 3rd celebration of the value of people with different types of minds. Its organized every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. And also to have a day to celebrate your own brain, and how your uniqueness benefits the world. We all have something awesome to contribute, and on this day we invite all to show or feel what they are proud of!

Among the activities on the day, there will be the traditional annual Neurodiversiteitsrede.  There will be interviews with neurodivergents. There will be talks about a neurodiverse future in post-corona times with experts. There will be Workshops for teachers, kids and parents. And there will be meetups with workshops om embracing differences.

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