Neurodiversity Education Academy

With so much wisdom in the world, we’re organizing trainings, workshops and classes for teachers, kids and parents, to foster understanding, resilience and growth. By creating courses we aim to support in their learning, their methods, and their ways to enable their students to reach their own potential.

To host these courses, we use the educational platform Dream See Do , and support teachers and experts wanting to share their knowledge in the Neurodiversity Education Academy. In the weeks, starting with Neurodiversity Pride Day, we will offer 4 free courses and one videocourse, from 5 experts.

Support us with a donation

Creating, distributing and delivering our free courses, does cost us money, and so does the platform we use. If you appreciated the materials offered, we hope you will consider giving us a donation. The donation will be used solely for the operating costs of the Neurodiversity Education Academy, and to new courses being offered for free.

The first five courses are created and shared by these experts:

  • Lana Jelenjev: Utilizing the Growth Mindset with young students

  • Siobhan Lamb: How to talk to your child about their diagnosis

Join us in sharing knowledge

If you are an experts in ‘education’, ‘neurodiversity’, ‘inclusive teaching methods’, we might want to host your wisdom to the many others seeking it. If you are interested in creating a free course: contact us, we will want to talk with you! Next to free courses, there are also opportunities for paid courses to support your income.