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  • 02 2020 - Newsletter support for Pride

    02 2020
    In the newsletter of our friends of Impuls & Woortblind, the organization supporting Dyslectic & Adhd neurotypes, the Neurodiversity Pride day and the foundation are mentioned. Read the full newsletter here: https://mailchi.mp/12f74368d4be/wetenswaardigheden-3413981?e=18b2540b2b
  • 02 2020 - Meeting MindAffect

    02 2020
    In a supportive session with MindAffect, an assistive tech company we have been following for years that has a mission we support, we tested their assistive tech and talked about the implications for epilectics, persons with Celebrale Parese & ALS, new user groups and the use of the innovation at large. MindAffect creates a flickerbased …
  • 02 2020 - 2nd Birthday

    02 2020
    A Virtual Slice of love pie for everyone! Today is the second birthday of the Athens Initiative, and though Wybe & Tjerk ate the first parts in Amstelveen, we share a virtual love pie slice in gratitude to all our teammates, researchers, partners, and every person who supports and has worked with us to celebrate …
  • 02 2020 - Pride Friends at NLs main ADHD/Dyslexia organisation Impuls/Woortblind

    02 2020
    Invited by our friends at Impuls/Woortblind, Renee & Tjerk pitcht the Neurodiversity Pride Day, and invited the region managers to join us in celebration on June 18 with local activities in their “adhd-cafe” and “dyslexia-cafe”. With many creative ideas for what these activities can be, we are looking forward with great anticipation for the day
  • 02 2020 - Heroes in Amsterdam

    02 2020
    On this day, in our meeting with Tjerk & Lana present, Saskia Wenniger finally shook the hands of the Health Heroes in our meeting at the Da Vinci Creative spaces. But, just as important, without any shaking of hands, she also met Henk the bot.
  • 2 2020 - An offer we didn’t want to refuse

    2 2020
    The Athens Initiative is saying yes to working together with Melvin & his company NAHV in doing the accounting for us, including our taxes, and offering to be a voluntary financial advisor to help us out moving forward with financial advice. He’s is a great man, intrinsically motivated, located in the Amsterdam region, and made …
  • 01 2020 - Supportsessions

    01 2020
    In January, we were invited to discuss options about implementing assistive Tech in healthcare, and got great advices from the partners of the Sustainable Healthcare Challenge about where to start.