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  • 12 2020 - Annual Supper 2020

    12 2020
    As is tradition, we gathered at the end of the year with 13 of our members. Due to Corona, we met online to celebrate the achievements of the year.
  • 12 2020 - Locked down but safe

    12 2020
    In the second lockdown of the year, we decided to make masks to keep our volunteers and friends, a little bit safer with a stylish mouthcap.
  • 11 2020 - Gaming for neuro-inclusion

    11 2020
    A new project to create a game that fosters awareness, acceptance and inclusion was spearheaded my young autistic artics Marije, with the support of  mentor Stijn Schenk and the foundations input. The project will be a game of quartet (Go Fish) of the neurodiverse traits that benefit society. To be launched for Pride Day 2021!
  • 10 2020 - Amstelveen says Yes to Pride 2021

    10 2020
    On behalf of the city, Alderman van Ballegooijen, says ‘YES’ to neurodiversity pride 2021  activities in Amstelveen, and shares an important song with thie new generation of equal&inclusive activists.
  • 09 2020 - Together Android app getting ready

    09 2020
    In fall we celebrated the achievements of the Together team with Tjerk, Wybe and Kees.  One of them being the production of the android app, that includes the ability for open and closed groups as well as the ability to add non-group members. Also we are making steps on the members-platform. Good work!
  • 08 2020 - Together Beta testing

    08 2020
    To test our latest build of Together App, spearheaded by Kees, we organized a workshop in a weeklong youth festival and test the app with about 50 youngsters, eager to ‘get to know other’. Our second ‘live’ test, got so much usefull and practical feedback, we immediately went back to work to improve the system. …
  • 07 2020 - Evaluating Pride

    07 2020
    After Pride Day itself, we evaluate each element, to see where we can improve and grow next year. This edition, we invited Roos van Moesbergen as well, who lead the ‘Divergent Interviews’ series, released on June 18 2020.