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  • 10 2020 - Amstelveen says Yes to Pride 2021

    10 2020
    On behalf of the city, Alderman van Ballegooijen, says ‘YES’ to neurodiversity pride 2021  activities in Amstelveen, and shares an important song with thie new generation of equal&inclusive activists.
  • 08 2020 - Together Beta testing

    08 2020
    To test our latest build of Together App, spearheaded by Kees, we organized a workshop in a weeklong youth festival and test the app with about 50 youngsters, eager to ‘get to know other’. Our second ‘live’ test, got so much usefull and practical feedback, we immediately went back to work to improve the system. …
  • 07 2020 - Evaluating Pride

    07 2020
    After Pride Day itself, we evaluate each element, to see where we can improve and grow next year. This edition, we invited Roos van Moesbergen as well, who lead the ‘Divergent Interviews’ series, released on June 18 2020.
  • 06 2020 - Neurodiversity Pride Day resultaten

    06 2020
    After the 3rd dutch edition of the Neurodiversity Pride Day, we tabulated a rise of 400% in comparison to last year, all the growth coming from the virtual events and the easier way for persons to join in. Also the partnering with other organizations, lead to a sizable uptick in participants.
  • 06 2020 - Neurodiversity Education Academy starts

    06 2020
    The Neurodiversity Education Academy is a place where you can take free courses from selected and/or requested experts, that support you in your understanding of neurodiversity, in the classroom, workplace or family situation. In the future, the academy will also host paid trainings and courses.
  • 06 2020 - Neurodiversity Pride Day 2020

    06 2020
    After months of preparation, the day of neurodivergent pride is happening: Neurodiversity Pride Day! With more activities, more speakers, more participants, more reach, more partners, everything ‘more’, even in Corona times. With about 1500 participants joining one or more activities (mostly online), we are superhappy to be able to celebrate our pride, with so many …
  • 06 2020 - First podcast

    06 2020
    In a first time for us to join a podcast, Diantha of the Neurodiversity Foundation rocked it, and shared a lot of information. You can still listen to the podcast on Spotify, in dutch language.