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  • 04 2022 - Karol joins the Foundation

    04 2022
    Karol Henke, the former NVA chief, joins the Neurodiversity Foundation as a boardmember officially. He will have a focus on sportsactivities including the new Stride program, on the political agenda, network connections and overall support. Very very welcome in our team!
  • 03 2022 - Brain Awareness Week / Neurodiversity Celebration Week

    03 2022
    The Neurodiversity Education Academy team, lead by Lana & Saskia, forged a new magazine, with the support of 4 creatives. It’s called ‘My Creative Brain’, and the first limited English edition, crafted with so much love and attention to details, was launched. The magazine will be gifted, but can also be bought for a donation …
  • 02 2022 - Foundational Anniversary

    02 2022
    On Februari 15th we had our 4th foundational anniversary of the foundation, and due to Covid running rampant, we kept it small and send virtual Cake & Love, to friends and sympathisers.
  • 2 2022 - Neurodivergent Politics

    2 2022
    The Neurodiversity Foundation has started to assemble and pitch the 5 items on our ‘Neurodivergent Political Agenda’. Its focussed on dutch politics for now, and has been presented in Februari to the youth department of D66, a currently governing political party.
  • 01 2022 - Ambition Reloaded

    01 2022
    With new energy and zest, board meetings are held while operating powertools, the NE Academy team starts forging a new Brainy Mag and talks with new teammembers are initiated. 2022, is going to be a great year for All Neurodivergent Kind, and we are HERE FOR IT!
  • 12 2021 - Closing the Year

    12 2021
    We delayed our Annual Supper event, and looked back to the year, knowing, that with the support of so many volunteers and otherwise awesome individuals, we’d done more than we though imaginable in our first year. And knowing, that what we have planned for this world…. is even so much more. Onward to 2022!
  • 11 2021 - Supporting Harvard Medical School Coaches

    11 2021
    Lana, the Chair of the foundation, presents for 300 participants the talk: From Disorders to Divergence: Why understanding neurodiversity is important for coaches,  to the Harvard Medical School Affiliated Institute of Coaching