05 2017 - Joining global networks

We can be alone, or we can find the smartest or kindest friends out there, and we are doing that continually. Every month we are adding new friends to our: “Awesome autism organizations” list. Specifically we are connected to ASAN (autistic self advocacy network), and think in the same ways. We also cooperate with Ed Wiley Autism centre; We want to bring the neurodivergent narwhal to the Netherlands, and Europe at large. The list is long, and welcoming more ‘friends’, that support the logic of ‘nothing about us without us’.

The reasoning for forming or attaching ourselves to global networks, derives from the need for autistics and neurodivergents alike, to protect themselves against the onslaught of a society that has not made ABA illegal yet. Even while 81% of autistics suffer PTSS from it.

Together, as autistics, we will be able to change that, and to do so, we must speak clearly and form a united front against the ‘blue puzzle piece’ and the intensely cruel ‘autism-conversion therapy’ it supports. Lets safeguard the next generations from PTSS. Not with anger, but with political proposals.

Do what makes you flappy
Do what makes you flappy – Neurodivergent Narwhals, originated in the Ed Wiley Autism Centre.
logo asan - Neurodiversity Foundation supports asan
logo asan – Neurodiversity Foundation supports asan