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For Organizations

The Neurodiversity Foundation also creates services for organizations and companies. We don’t ‘advertize’ these services, we are usually contacted directly with a need of support.

Most of support is focussed on:

  • A wish to become more neuroinclusive at the workplace
  • A wish to attract more neurodivergent talent
  • A wish to recruit more neurodivergent talent during the interview proces
  • A wish to keep the neurodivergent workforce ‘happy’ and/or productive
  • A wish to retain the neurodivergent employees for a longer period of time
  • A wish to adapt or alter policies to become supportive of all neurotypes
  • A wish to mediate between conflicts of ND & NT teammembers
  • A wish to organize a campaign around neurodiversity
  • A wish to have documents reviewed for ‘offensive’ wording
  • A wish to have documents content reviewed, evaluated or added upon
  • A wish to become a partner for our long-term goals of society
  • A wish to become a partner of Neurodiversity Pride Day

For each organization or company asking for our support, the process is:

  1. The foundation gets contacted by a representative of the organization
  2. A initial phone or video conversation is held to assess the situation and needs, usually with the Director or the Chair of the foundation.
  3. The representative clarifies the budget allowed for services, or a bandwidth; We cannot make an offering, without knowing the budget. We accept regular bills as well as donations to our charitable work as payment. We accept company services offered by organizations as a sign of friendship and support.
  4. A plan is formed about services that could support the organization or company, often in consultation with the representative
  5. An offering is discussed internally in the foundation, and then offered to the organization or company.
  6. The plan is reviewed by the representative and if greenlit; implemented on a accorded timeline
  7. The results are reviewed

Services that may be suggested are:

  • Mediation services
  • Evaluation of policies
  • Manager-training
  • Webinars for teams
  • Workshops for teams and/or managers
  • Keynotes and speeches
  • Inspiration sessions
  • Teambuilding exercises, events or activities


  • We understand that for some organizations, there is a wish for discretion in our services, which is something we accomodate for if stated by the organization or company. We therefore do not share a (complete) list of our services or clients externally.
  • For some request, or specific tasks, we collaborate with ND-minded partners in the field, that we have vetted or selected as the best option for the situation at hand.