Mainstream Exposure

to promote the understanding of neurodiversity

Exposure projects

When the world understands, what neurodiversity means, the world will be better for all of us. 




The Neurodiversity Foundation aims to make the word “neurodiversity” become a mainstream and well understood concept.

Most of energy is focussed on:



nip award

Bi-annual award for the most Neuro Inclusive Politician of the country.

Political Agenda

In the past, a list of ideas to support autistics was presented to a Tweede Kamer politician. 

A new list of Neurodivergent friendly policies, is being drafted.  

Section Title

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How it works: 

  1. The foundation gets contacted by a representative of the organization via email, contactform, direct contact or phone. 
  2. An initial phone or video conversation is held to assess the situation and needs, usually with the Director or the Chair of the foundation.
  3. The representative clarifies which ‘package’ (like Silver, Gold or Graphene) the organization wants, or otherwise what is the budget allowed for performing services, or a bandwidth; We cannot make an offering, without knowing the budget. We accept packages, regular bills as well as donations to our charitable work as payment. We accept company services offered by organizations as a sign of friendship and support.
  4. A plan is formed about services that could support the organization or company, often in consultation with the representative
  5. An offering is discussed internally in the foundation, and then offered to the organization or company.
  6. The plan is reviewed by the representative and if greenlit; implemented on a accorded timeline
  7. The results are reviewed

Most popular services

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Mediation services

Webinars for teams

Inspiration sessions

Evaluation of policies

Managerial training

Keynotes and speeches

Workshops for teams and/or managers

Teambuilding exercises, events or activities






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