Neurodiversity Pride Day 2020: Neuro-inclusive Politician Award (moved to 2021, due to a lack of examples that are more inspiring than the 2019 winner)

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Date(s) - 18/06/2020
15:00 - 16:00


‘Nothing about us, without us’ is a key motto, but in politics we are still firmly underrepresented as a neurodiverse community. Therefore, the most neurodiverse-friendly politician is chosen annualy, and given the award for ‘Neuroinclusive Politician of the Year’. There are no prizes, shows, celebrities or press-releases connected to it. This award is a genuine and heartfelt ‘thank you for representing us, who feel the unrepresented’, from the dutch neurodivergent community, to the one who deserved it most, according to us.

The winner of 2019 was Lisa Westerveld, a truly inspiring politician from the Groen Links party. She has been fearlessly hammering on doors, speaking up when words are needed to be spoken, and showing the young neurodivergents of the nation that through her, our voices can be heared in the political centre of the nation. Thanks Lisa.

In June 18 2020 the new winner is published.