The Leadership Team of the Neurodiversity Foundation:

If you like us, like us, if you want to work with us, work with us.

Hereunder is a list of the leadership, and of current &former volunteers, interns & supporters of the Neurodiversity Foundation, we are very grateful for.

Lana Jelenjev: Chair of the Board, co-founder Neurodiversity Education Academy

Lana Jelenjev is an Educational consultant for International organizations and schools. She provides training and support on various areas related to curriculum design, project planning and personal development.
Her background in Family Life and Child Development along with her certifications on Gifted and Talented Education, Reading Instruction and Making Thinking Visible has shaped her passion on creating a culture of learning and engagement.
She is a mom to two children and a loving partner to her husband. In her spare time she writes poetries and creates guided meditations.
Lana brings to her own company Co.LAB her knack in looking at the big picture and making it visible into actionable steps, plus her love for building strong, supportive communities. Lana is een board-member for the Neurodiversity Foundation.

Tjerk Feitsma: Director FoundationTjerk Feitsma - Neurodiversity Foundation

Tjerk Feitsma is a neurodivergent impact entrepreneur who wants to make the world a better place. Convinced of the statement that ‘Diversity is Strength’, he has been prototyping and building solutions to create equality, interpersonal connection and selfmanagement for neurodivergents in a neurotypical society.

Ana Maldonado: Board

Over the last 10+ years Ana has been working in international environments along multidisciplinary teams, translating clients needs and business questions into (R&D) solutions with an innovative twist.
Her scientific passion is in research, innovation and Data Science, to bring meaning to data, and assist discovery and optimisation projects of industrial interest.
Her human passion is into building connections, long-lasting relationships and partnerships, to help solve complex problems and assist companies and individuals to achieve their goals.

Saskia Wenniger: Co-founder Neurodiversity Education AcademySaskia Wenniger  - neurodiversity foundation

Saskia is a creative team member that contributes in projects that furthers neurodiverse understanding in schools, like the My Amazing Brain Project. Her focus in her works are on addressing the core of the issue, the levels of attractiveness and fun and the ability to support decision making and reflection.