Sponsors & contributors

We are grateful to be able to host and support so many things of beauty, and many volunteers, content creators, and crafters have been lending us their works for our united celebration.

Technology Partner:

Ozone Universe: The Ozone universe, lead by Jay Ess, is the key technological sponsor of Neurodiversity Pride Day, creating our digital world, the ‘Pride Universe’ to serve the cause of neurodivent pride. Its a large gift, and we are very grateful to work with his organization to build a home for all, of our kinds. To see this: visit the universe, and watch his speech on virtual worlds in the Education Room.

Christel Teurling: Working for Ozone, Christel is supporting Pride with her Dutch tech savvyness in preparation, and hosting on the day itself. She is in the EU the key person to talk to about virtual worlds, and how to set them up. To see her: Christel will be in the Pride Universe, to host & guide on June 18th.

2Tango: Grateful for the contribution of the social impact company to Pride.

OneStream.Live: Grateful for the free use of their products during Pride Month.

Content creators & contributors

Nathan Mcconnel: Grateful for the work on the Most Wanted lists, that will adorn the Party Room of the Pride Universe. To see this: visit the Party Room.

Autistic Feminine: Grateful for the Golden Moment 3d model this person created.

Saskia Wenniger & Lana Jelenjev, Co-founders of the Neurodiversity Education Academy (NE Academy), have been key in educational projects, like webinars for teachers and students. For Pride, they interview fascinating individuals for the Growth Through Adversity series. To see this: visit the Talks Room.

Suzanne Agterberg: Grateful for her offer of an inspirational workshop on Pride. To see this: visit the Education Room.

Mark van Treuren: Grateful, for his support in setting up the gigantic billboards promoting Pride. And grateful for Ocean, for drastically lowerling their pricerange for our cause. To see this visit the Leidseplein in Amsterdam, or for our international guests: see it at Schiphol Airport.

Jury of the NIP Award: Grateful for your work in assessing the politicians of the Netherlands, and their levels of neuroinclusivity in politics. To see this: visit the Award Room.

Jopie Lok: Grateful for her works of art, used in Pride. To see this: visit the Pride Universe.

Ineke Masselink: Grateful for her works on the Countdown. To see this: follow the social media channels, or visit the Pride Universe.

Roos Moesbergen: Grateful for her works in finding dutch Neurodivergent Artists and Poets, that deserve a extra spotlight. To see this: visit the Pride Universe, visit the Artists & Poets Room.

All artists & poets: Grateful for their willingness to show one of their works to the audiences in the Netherlands and worldwide. To see this: visit the Artist & Poets Room.

Lisa Westerveld, Peter Kwint, Sylvana Simons, Rutger Schonis, Lilianne Ploumen & Rudmer Heerema: Grateful, for their sparkling and inspiring example to all other politicians in the Netherlands. To see this: see whats happening in the House of representatives. And see their interviews in the Award Room

Key Note Speaker (name is still secret): Grateful, to host on of our biggest heroes, for the keynote of this Pride Day. To see this: visit the Pride Universe, the keynote will be streamed LIVE in the Keynote Room!

Mannus Boote: Grateful, still, for him accidentally stumbling upon the core slogan of the day: Vier je Eigen Feestje (celebrate your own, your own way). To see this: check out the posters of pride day.

Diantha Voskuijl: Grateful, for her ambassadorship of the day and the foundation at large.

Kai Guiseppin: Grateful for his endless work on the Neurodiversity Pride Anthem with the Studiognomes, as well as to his musical team for creating ‘our’ hopeful tune. To see this: visit the You Room

Marije & Stijn Schenk: Grateful for Marijes work creating the Neurodiverse Traits Game, and grateful for Stijn to support that work.

DJ Supergroover & DJ Krishan: Grateful for their performance in the Neurodiversity Pride Rave. To see this: visit the Party Room

Autivisme: Grateful for the advocacy work and the meme-gathering and creating the autistiven network.

Valeria Perboni: Grateful for the Synaesthesia Room, an artwork adressing acceptance, mental health and neurodiversity, through the language of art. It is to be premiered in the Netherlands for a lucky few to celebrate Pride Day.

Helen Davies: Grateful for the workshops she is organizing in the UK to celebrate Neurodiversity Pride Day

Ineke Masselink: Gratefor for her Pride Advent countdown posts published in the 30 days before Pride Day.

Ayoa: Grateful for Ayao organizing a workshop in the education room.

Sourced content – fair use:

In the universe we have also shared content crafted by others, displayed under Fair Use regulations. All works remain owned by the original owners, and where possible, we supported their monetization or traffic towards their initiatives.

The shared contents are sourced by our own media, volunteers, community-driven nominations, advocacy organisation sharing, copyright-free and cc-limited models, transcripts, freely available press photos, and publicly published videos of informational workshop or awareness events.

These include content created by, or containing: Agony Autie, Neurodivergent Rebel, Kayla Smits, Amy, Kirsty Forbes, Amythest Schaber, Yo Samdy Sam, Vet Gezellig, Kristín Vilhjálmsdóttir, Ed Wiley Autism Lending Centre, the Tone it down Taupe initiative, Reframing Autsim, LRCS, AutisticTyping, Oolong, Melanie Ouimet, Aucademy, We are Spinks, Asan, Autism CRC, Exceptional Individuals, and Tedtalks.

These also include nominated and mentioned artists and poets, like: Leonie Ruissen, Marije Zantinga, Julian Harmens, Vincent Oostrijck, Gershwin Bonevacia, Malon Bakker, Jonathan Griffioen, Anjo de Haan, Toon Lagas, Myrthe van Ruiten, Louise Wester, Daniel Metz, Annemieke Trip, Syle, Eleonora Spagnuolo, Bas Gaaraets, Esther Koster, Ivo Ketelaar, Karhang Mui, Wim T. Schippers, NeuroElfje.

Shared content – not under fair use:

We have also included 3 audio files in the Pride Universe, and were unable to grasp how to deal with the copyrights in a virtual world, they are: a illegal recut of a Daft Punk song, a remix of a song by Nicky Romero vs Avicci with Nooni Bao, and our own adaptation or completely new edition of a song from 1968. While this content is not under fair use, we believe that, if they knew, the original creators would have wanted us to use their works in this way, for this purpose.

Financial partners

The Neurodiversity Pride Day is made possible by generous non-financial contributions of everyone listed above, and so many individuals more. In terms of financial donations, we thank:

Gemeente Amstelveen: Grateful for the gift (subsidy) to support the events.

Supporting partners

We are grateful for any friends, organisation, group or company that shares the information about Neurodiversity Pride Day to their crews.

If your name should be on this page too

If you should be on the list, please let us know, so we can add you. We have been working hard to find all content creators and volunteers, but the Pride Universe is very vast and sourced from different paths. If we missed you, help us correct our mistake, by emailing to pride@neurodiversiteit.nl.

If you want to contribute to Neurodiversity Pride 2022 or to the Pride Universe, or use the Pride Universe to support neurodivergents

If you want to be on this list, or cooperate with us, share with us how you want to support Neurodiversity Pride Day, by sending a email to pride@neurodiversiteit.nl.