Together Betatesting

Neurodiversity foundation pride day 2020 together teamFor years, the Neurodiversity Foundation has been working with NL-based social impact company 2Tango, to research better and easier ways of connecting, friending and dating, using technology. Based on many years of research, we have been crafting prototypes to support neurodivergents in making meetups with friends, family, homemates, and even dating. Our main question was: How can we make it easier to invite another person, to do, what we both like doing and being? We call our newest app that support users in making invitations: Together.

Due to corona, we could not do a ‘Live try-out’. However: On Neurodiversity Pride Day, we open up our testing centre for 15 (dutch speaking) testers, wanting to try out our new android app, and support us by giving feedback on how we could make the app even better. Our work is focussed on created the best app for neurodivergents to meet more often with others they like, in ways that are more fun for both persons. When the work is done, we aim to serve the neurodivergent community via its representing organizations like the NVA.

Together was created with the ingenuity of Kees Heil, Tjerk Feitsma and Wybe Zeyl. We also thank all our coderfriends and volunteers in over 20 offline connecting events, trying out different approaches to solving the issues we face in ‘making perfect invitations without experiencing the stress of it’.