Release of free courses about Neurodiversity Education

On Neurodiversity Pride Day, the Neurodiversity Education Academy is launched to foster neurodiverse understanding in the classroom, and support (neurodivergent) students with tooling to support their mindset. Our focus is on teachers , coaches and parents, in order to create a more neurodiverse-friendly environment.

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At June 18, the first two courses are gifted to the world of a series of 5 that are to be released in the weeks following Pride Day. The first 2 are created by Lana Jelenjev and Saskia Wenniger. New courses will be shared from Matthew Bellringer, Siobhan Lamb and Renee Snijder. The Neurodiversity Education Academy will host more courses by field experts in the near future on topics relevant to the community and its teachers. If you are a expert in your field, contact us, perhaps we can share your wisdom on the platform.

For more courses and information about the academy, visit the webpage, or visit the academy online

Support the free courses with a donation

Creating, distributing and delivering our free courses, does cost us money, and so does the platform we use. If you appreciated the free materials offered, we hope you will consider giving us a donation. The donation will be used solely for the operating costs of the Neurodiversity Education Academy, and to new courses being offered for free.