Neurodiversity Education Academy

NE Academy

We have build an educational platform focused on awareness, advocacy and capacity building for parents and schools: the Neurodiversity Education Academy.

The vision of the ‘NE Academy’ is, a society that recognizes the importance of neurodiversity and amplifies the strengths as well as provides accessibility to all neurotypes.

  • We believe that it is crucial for society to create neurodiverse friendly homes and schools that support all neurotypes. 
  • We dream of a world where representation is omnipresent. A place where a neurodivergent child can find and connect with wonderful role models, of people who leveraged their differences and succeeded. 
  • We believe that achieving this vision is a process, a journey if you will, and those willing to set out will need good guides, spaces to rest and reflect and good information about where they are going and what is possible.

What do we provide?

  • Self paced online training, 
  • More extensive time bound courses with live sessions, 
  • Live online workshops talks or interviews, single or in a conference bundle (i.e. during Brain Awareness week and on & around Neurodiversity Pride day)
  • Replay bundles of old workshops or online conferences
  • Bespoke sessions for your team with practice based Q&A sessions at the end
  • Downloadable tools and resources 

Where can I start?


The aim of our mission is to eventually build the Neurodiversity into a broad range of courses and workshops aimed at diverse target groups. We aim to build our courses on the combination of 

  • The work international experts and their evidence based practices 
  • Best practices from everyday practitioners in the target groups area of expertise
  • The combined experience of neurodivergent people with hands on experience on what works.

We want to offer a wide range of introductory courses for free as we believe everyone should have access to information that can make the world more neurodiverse friendly. At the same time we want to support our (often themselves neurodivergent) content creators in making a living off their work, so we will also offer paid courses. 


Cofounders of the NE Academy are Lana Jelenjev & Saskia Wenniger. Read more about them on the NE Academy website.

Join us in sharing knowledge

If you are an experts in ‘education’, ‘neurodiversity’, ‘inclusive teaching methods’, we might want to host your wisdom to the many others seeking it. If you are interested in creating a free course: contact us, we will want to talk with you! Next to free courses, there are also opportunities for paid courses to support your income.

Support us with a donation, on our donation page