Pride Day Program 2021

Neurodiversity Pride Day is the global celebration of neurodivergence: the added value of having people with different types of minds. Its organized every year on June 18th to support acceptance, inclusion and appreciation in society of people who are most unlike most others. On Neurodiversity Pride Day, you are invited to celebrate you being you, in all your unique ways. Well done, you!

The day is een reminder, a celebration of your own unique brain, and how it benefits the world around you. Autistic, Dyslectic, Neurotypical, these are just some shapes of the neurological variances we have to each other. None are errors, all contribute to our human society. In humanity, there are no mistakes, only variations. Each brain, each person, adds something uniquely beautiful to our human collective. And this idea, the idea of neurodiversity, deserves a spotlight, and a day of celebration, for its our differences, our unlikeness to each other, that ups the vitality of society. We all have something unique and awesome to contribute, and on this day neurodivergent people and their allies celebrate!

There are fun, serious and interesting activities organized in the Netherlands and worldwide, but most importantly: this is the day where you can party or honor your brainy self or your likeminded others, solo or with others, in whatever way works for you. Or as we’d say in Dutch: Vier Je Eigen Feestje!

Each June 18th, neurodivergents & their allies, celebrate Neurodiversity.
This, is your invitation, to celebrate, your own way, in your own way.
The times mentioned for each activity, may change, upon practical needs.

Neurodiversity Pride Day – Program 2021 – 18 June

At June 18 2021 the Neurodiversity Pride Day is organized in the Netherlands. The program for the day is still in the making, but we wanted to share some of the main projects and activities for the day.

Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 9:00
Pride Frame:
We will release a Neurodiversity Pride Frame for social media. Its a easy, fun way, to show others your inclusion or allyship. Read about 2020 Pride Frame Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 10:00
Neuroinclusive Politician Award 2021-2023:
Who will win: Peter, Lisa, Sylvana, Lilianne, Rugter oe Rudmer? A winner is selected for the award by a secret neurodivergent jury. Interview with nominees Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - All Day
For neurodivergents: Remember today, what you are proud for. And if you are neurotypical: share with a neurodivergent friend or loved-one what makes them awesome to you.
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 13:00
Growth Through Adversity talks:
We will invite national and international experts for a conversation about the current state of neurodiverse individuals. The talks will be shared, after Pride Day, by the NE Academy.
See the 2020 Talks Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 14:00
NE Academy – Online Pride Day Summit:
The Neurodiversity Education Academy organizes an online summit, to make sure we can be together, even if covid limits our ability to be physically together. Go To NE Academy Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 15:00
Neurodivergents Poets showcase:
We want to share 10 poems by dutch neurodivergent poets
Nominate Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 16:00
Neurodivergent Artists showcase:
We want to share 10 pieces of art, made by dutch neurodivergent artists Nominate Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 17:00
We will hold the annual speech of the year, delivered by a pioneer in their field, and broadcast it live. See 2019 Edition See 2020 Edition Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 19:00
Neurodiversity Pride Anthem:
A special new rendition of our themesong is composed in the Netherlands by a famous techno DJ and his musical team. Hear the original Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 20:00
Neurodiversity Pride Party (online):
DJs will perform a disco online, for people wanting to dance in celebration, from the safety of their homes, using their desktops or mobiles. Dancing from home – Zoom Link Here DJ Dancing Link here
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 09:00-22:00
Pridefee for Insta:
share your own #weareallnuts picture. Be creative! Upload it to the socials with the hashtag. For extra glam: You may also use the two 100m2 billboards in Schiphol Airport & Amsterdam Leidseplein, as a visual backdrop. #Weareallnuts examples Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 21:00
Release of the Neurodiverse Traits Game:
This kwartet game (‘go fish’), has 4 positive traits for 9 neurotypes in the game to play. Its designed and crafted by Marieke, and supported by Stijn Schenk, and the foundation. Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - All Day
Add your activity:
If you want to organize an activity to celebrate the day by yourself, with your organization, or group of friends, do so! Add you own Pride Activity to the program
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021 - 23:59
Our friends at ADHD Cafe, are counting down the month in content posts. Countdown resets, at 23:59 for Pride Day 2022!
Read the 2020 Countdown Check it out
Neurodiversity Pride Day 2021
Synaesthesia Room:
In Rotterdam, this immersive artwork by Valeria Perboni, will be showcased live for a lucky few!
Read about the Synaesthesia Room Check it out