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Corwitfonds Juni21

Traction examples Neurodiversity Pride Day

  • Deloitte & Achmea start ‘neurodiversity networks’ and host Neurodiversity Pride Day activities (inc podcast Tjerk & Deloitte CEO),  To prove it, we can provide-> Screenshot Program
  • Neurodiversiteitsrede Keynote by sociologist Judy Singer, the originator of the concept of Neurodiversity, and beloved elder of the neurodiversity movement. -> Screenshot Keynote  
  • Celebrations or activities in 6 nations (NL, UK, USA, IND, PHI & AUS) -> List countryflags NPD
  • An additional 20 smaller companies celebrating in NL, UK & USA with a limited activity program (lunchtalks, small gatherings, etc)
  • Tweet of the foundation about NIP award: +60.000 impressions in 36 uur-> Screenshot with impressions
  • Broad Reach #neurodiversityprideday: 501.000 twitter users -> calculate this online
  • Public statement by Sylvana & BIJ1 about NIP & Pride, 1.400 likes & circa 100 shares in 24hrs -> screenshot
  • #1 ‘most remarkable news’ item by Radio 1 (8,5% of radio listeners), at 18:00 prime time of June 18th. -> Audio file
  • The first Tweede Kamer motion to naming neurodivergents (and their need for support) as a specific minority in dutch political history by Lisa (groenlinks) & Peter (sp), and naming them as individuals with or without handicap, released on Pride Day, after talking to us (about the importance of language). This is political history we created.  -> Screenshot tweet, en screenshot motion
  • Facebook Dutch Eventpage +24.000 views in 7 days
  • Website visitors: circa 3x more traction than 2020, even when excluding all actual visitors of (the virtual world) itself. Visitor numbers from the 3d world, are not yet available.
  • Largest ever virtual reality Pride Event, worldwide. Bigger than virtual LGTB pride events. Also larger than the Autistic Pride Alliance online celebrations.


  • Audience skewed to 70% female-gendered
  • Surprisingly little racism & misogyny, party due to swift and proactive moderation
  • Unexpected high visitor count from Germany, Canada & Belgium
  • Additional video representation on Autistic Pride Day about Neurodiversity Pride Day