The foundation has ambassadors supporting the vision and mission, each in their own way.

Diantha Voskuijl: Social Media& Ambassador

Diantha Voskuijl is an excellent ambassador for Neurodivergents in the Netherlands, and runs the social media channels and hashtags of the foundation. One of her key interests is showing the great value female autistics have to offer the world. We hope to support her voice, and wish her message on neurodiversity and autism is heard and understood by many.

Roos Moesbergen: Talent Scout Ambassador

Roos Moesbergen is a kind and creative volunteer, giving support to the Neurodiversity Pride Day project. She looks into the lives of neurodivergents and enables them to show a part of their inner world with the rest of society, for example in audio-interviews or in a top 10 list of the best art&poetry done by our neurodivergents. 

Saskia Buma: Advisor

Saskia Buma is autism expert and is a trainer in autism awareness and neurodiverse behaviour. She has a wide network and experience to offer. She lobbies on the behalf on young autists, as a mother of one, and as a political activist. She is also the co-founder of the Prikkelprofiel initiative.

Suzanne Agterberg – Education ambassador

Suzanne Agterberg has 25 years of experience as teacher, counselor and autism-expert in schools and special education institutions. She traint teachers and wrote 2 books about Autism.  She is also chair of the expert group Autism & Education for the dutch association for Autism. 

‘Making a difference for autistic kids’ is what drives Suzanne. The stems from her youth, where she was a ‘different’ child that most others. Autism also plays am important role in her own family. The combination of experience and expertise and educational knowledge enables Suzanne to share lots of wisdom, perspectives and reflection on ‘different’ behavior.  As she say: ‘Its not about the label, we should focus on what the child really needs’.